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Low Tragedy as High Currency
Baruch Keys the Kook on Some Urban Drama Trafficking
Sun, Oct 11, 12:38 PM (9 days ago)
Man, I have to work hard to remember that a lot of the people around you are like the various personages of this retarded story.

Thanks, Baruch.
Societies in crisis tend to be served by poets who work in woe.
Societies in decline tend to emulate the ethos of the lower class and lionize its least successful and/or most woe-befallen elements.
In this and other such stories we see these trajectories combined into a budding worship of the victim as a sacral figure. This happens to serve the increasingly illegitimate System of Control, by extolling lack of agency in tragically effected humans as a heroic attribute.
As for the specific story...
An off retold and ancient tale of an idiot meathead and his Daliah, who betrays him using other men she has used. These people seemed to have deserved each other, and, as you noted, the tale was mildly entertaining.
What this brings to mind is the fact that low IQ and low morality combined are like throwing kerosene on a fire. Marginal intelligence and a high standard of behavior can whether a lot of stress. High intelligence and low morality does poorly under stress. But low intelligence and low morality, a nexus actually cultivated by our high intelligence [read manipulative] low morality society, generates the instability necessary to erode and hopefully topple the high-intelligence low morality construct.
The broad strokes made clarity easy.
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ShepOct 21, 2020

Always such a good idea for a john to marry an escort that he rented.

It's mathematically impossible for anything to go wrong in that situation.
SidOct 21, 2020

psychopath. I have seen worst.
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