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Randy Bracken Goes to Hel
A Ruthless Piece of Ghost Writing Complete
© 2020 James LaFond
An Underhanded Tour of the New West: 8/30/20 to 10/21/20
At 325 pages and 51,839 words, what I hope to be my last journal book is complete. It’s fiction and history for me now
Dust Cover
When a man leaves what he loves, what he hates and goes on the road as an escape, in an attempt to sell his tainted soul, he is gifted with low visions of life. And when it transpires that however many times he tries to sell his soul, it is refunded as the lease-holder’s interest expires, he is left weirdly and never alone. This is one depleted person’s urban eastern view of Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, California, Oregon as he wends his crooked way further from the place of his birth and that sorry day.
The Executive Protection Detail 9
Hoodrat on the Mountain 12
About Writing #1 16
About Writing #2 19
Fear and Combat 21
Legal Advantages of Blade over Gun 29
Action over Possession 44
Duel or Fool? 46
Email to a Reader 55
Against the Scum 59
Doorknocking 60
Running Away as a Viable Survival Option 68
Dispatch from Hell 75
Mindset of a Raped Slave 77
Climate Change Chicanery 83
T-Rex Gives a Portland Update 93
‘A Frustrated White Man’ 94
Song of the Sewer 97
Dracula 2020 102
Shamdemic Silver Lining 104
Slave over Peasant 108
Stupid-Time 113
‘When Did You First Call Bullshit?’ 115
The Crabapple Tree 119
Murder at 7,000 Feet 122
To Lynch a Tree 124
Poppy 127
Dallas 129
The Mother!@#$%^& Tree 133
Berry Berry 137
Acquiring Grappling Experience? 141
Explaining a Twitter Snapshot for the Crackpot 148
Furd 149
Roe Jogan 151
Proud CŇŻntrol 155
Going Grey 160
‘Bird Signs?’ 163
Bonfire Books 167
Machete versus .380 ACP 169
Queervid Jiveteen 175
Vexed Rex 179
September 2020 Word Counts 181
‘What’s Up With The Fires?’ 184
'And their Dogs' 189
‘A Gateway’ 199
A Distant Heart 208
‘Mother’ 211
RE: Climate Change Search 213
‘What in Hell Are You Doin’?’ 218
Unmasked 222
‘To Prove I’m Not a Racist,’ 227
Fleecing the Human Herd 230
'Property Protection' 235
More Racism 238
Crackpot Advisory 242
Thank You Bob 247
Celtic Cowboy defeats the Ratslinger 248
Katrina 251
A Good Deed Unpunished 254
SIR 264
Enemy at the Door? 269
Crazy Reflexes 272
Recovering Privilege Addicts 276
‘I Don’t Get No Air!’ 278
‘My First Time’ 280
‘Since We Are Entering a Depression’ 282
‘The Biggest Cop Out’ 284
The Can 288
The Most Underutilized Plant Foods 292
‘This is So Weird’ 293
‘Your Executive Order?’ 295
Low Tragedy as High Currency 298
A Well of Heroes 3 300
Seven Infantile Commandments 302
Separation of Church and Pate 307
Hoodrat High 311
‘He Knows the Trains’ 314
‘A’right O. G.!’ 318
The Filthy Few Completed
books in progress
Nailing American Spartacus to the Cross
orphan nation
the combat space
under the god of things
taboo you
advent america
winter of a fighting life
the fighting edge
dark, distant futures
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