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Shep Wonders about Bob Foster's Step
Pugilistic pondering
1:33 PM (3 hours ago)
How come Bob Foster’s footwork is so wonky? How did he expect to beat the purpose-built predator when he’s crossing his legs behind him on every lateral step?
Of course, I was never the light-heavyweight champion of the world, so what do I know?

At this particular space in Time the heavyweight champ reigned because he could dish out and take punishment and the light heavyweight reigned because he could dish it out and no one else in his class cold take it.
Foster was a student of the lazy jab which set-up the HUGE right hand, which would just bounce off of and set up Frazier's huge left hand.
In our own time the MMA dichotomy of why this guy can take down the reigning champ at will and the other cannot touch him, is the same: hips trump hips until there is no hip advantage and then technique prevails... because, hips trump hips...
Foster threw his jab from too close and paid the price of letting his more robust target too near his chin.
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