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Ma Tree Fron' Teeff
Chainmail Jockstrap Gets Specific about Bantu Grill Removal
A dainty mind who cares calls out across the ether for guidance...

brass knuckles?
Lynn Lockhart
Wed, Oct 21, 11:22 AM (4 days ago)
High IQ persons of all melanation levels and political persuasions were in San Francisco recently and the "organizer of the free speech rally" got punched in the face. The punch knocked one of his front teeth clean out, and the other one fell out shortly after, judging by the pictures. I have included two different views of the punch. What do you think? Was the tooth-destroyer wearing brass knuckles under his glove? I believe he's been charged with mayhem (removal of a body part)!
Filmed from behind:
Filmed from in front:

Unfortunately Chainmail Jockstrap's moderator is also marooned in a low-tech age and unable to view the videos.
Never fear, Time Travel always permits the solving of such mysteries...
The dainty ears of the ether inquirer are assaulted by the roars of titanic battle as the oracle accesses the font of all masculine wisdom in 11,723 Years Before Present:
The class is assembled from across the ages, pontificators upon the human condition with properly varied dentition:
Sun Tzu
Frederick Douglas
Richard Spencer
Then, striding among and above them, with the swagger of a champion and the voice like the tolling of the thrice-damned bells of the Final Battle, was Chainmail Jockstrap, scarred from a tremendous set of claws having just raked his chest. Addressing the inferiors like a bell of Atlantis singing its Indictment Song, Our Hero, mindful that combat against modern sissies would be dishonorable in armor, unsheathed the burnished sling of his patrimony and tossed it to the weakest...
The weight of the armored garment propelled the sissy back against the wall of the Eternal House of Trial, where champions of all races and ages come to wrestle before the very Gods, and a squeal came from the mouth of the fresh-faced sissy named Richard, as a half dozen fleas, fully two inches long and two inches high, clicking their armored flanks with their hideous shanks and snapped their saw-toothed jaws and dove for the soft, pasty throat of it what screeched like a woman under their ravenous assault... Such is the Eternal House of Trial configured, that any sissy simpering by a a human intended by the Gods to be a man, banishes it to the lowest pits of Hel, where the Norns wail in perpetuity...
As the screeching wretch was whisked off to damnation Chainmail Jockstrap, noted that his armor was now free of vermin and, as he absently scratched the troves of as yet un-sired dynasties, rumbled "It's always good to provide fresh, soft meat to divert vermin."
"Oh, yes, removing the front teeth from the Scientists of Egypt," just like that Our Hero's jabbing left fist reached out and tore the three front teeth from Frederick Douglas's overbite and he quipped, as blood gushed from Freddie's face, "The first two knuckles, straight, will reliably remove the top teeth. With Egyptians and pales, avoid the incisor and strike true to the front, mindful of the usual overbite."
He then walked by the stunned and scandalized Douglas, past Plato and said, "Unless one strikes from the side," and slammed his mallet-like fist between cheek and jaw and scattered all of Plato's upper and lower side teeth before the Chinese general, whose face scrunched in disbelief, '"I have been awakened from millennia of slumber to bear witness to some hairy barbarian's brutality—where is the art!"
Chainmail Jockstrap answered, "In keeping the elbow against the flank as one shovels upward into the incisors of this shovel-toothed dainty with the round head!"
As Fred regained his feet with an anger-flushed face and Plato shook his head on one knee, Sun Tzu's head was dashed against the hard plank floor, bounced, cracked, and served as a lesson plan for the two members of the graduating class. "You see, my thick-headed fellows, while the pale and the Egyptian have eye teeth dangerous to the fist, this little round-headed rat kind of man, can be taken from the eye tooth and his front and side teeth removed with one blow so long as it is not an uppercut. Only weaklings require brass knuckles. A glove will help form a harder fist. Indeed, grasping some gravel, or coins in a gloved hand is as good as punching with the knuckle-bow of a cutlass."
Plato and Freddie shook their heads understandingly and their instructor roared, "You fellows should be up for some rapine after a brisk lesson like this. Freddie, my armor. You with the big head, develop a ruse to get us in behind the 7th gate of Thebes. The queen is mine—you can rape the rest, fair and pale like you Egyptians like them, you Atlantean perverts as well. It will be a grand scene!"

Lynn, sorry, that channeling exhausted me-I need to nap. Hope that answers your question.
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ShepOct 25, 2020

Lynn - though the echoes of the oracle dost still chime in my brain, yea verily I submit that a sap glove is a possibility.,your%20punching%20power%20and%20also%20protects%20your%20hands.
responds:Oct 26, 2020

Yes, brass knuckles under gloves is a logistical mess.
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