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Cunt of Scales
The Symbology of Justice in the Hysterical States of Avarice
I have been playing rummy with my Land Lady. She always wins. So to make it interesting we have been using her big cards: The Hermetic Tarot, a set of esoteric cards based on a bunch of degenerate cosmic oatmeal cookie twits called The Order of the Golden Dawn, who thrived just before Western Civilization died in 1914. Actually, Western Civilization unsuccessfully committed suicide and was then placed on a ventilator until 1939 when it managed to bite out it’s own tongue and choke on its blood.
Western Civilization is dead now for over a hundred years, yet “conservatives” still argue about preserving it and the worshippers of those who assisted in its suicide still pretend in their addled minds to be fighting it, as a purely systemic Soul Eating Machine rises.
I was inspired often in my regard for America as a sissy nation when seeing the Statue of Liberty beckoning for poor people to come and undercut the already low wages of those who labored in her shadow.
But this card titled Justice and underscored, Daughter of the Lord of Truth, which seems to me a corruption of Palaestra the daughter of Hermes and of the wrestling ground, where real truth was once found, set me off looking for images of Justice.
She always holds a sword, usually at rest, indicating that she represents the executioner’s sword and in some visions the crusader’s sword, but usually the resting weapon of the headman, who decapitates those who are accused by a fourth party, condemned by a third party, and brought in bondage by a second party. The sword represents the proxy killer’s in service to the system, like Shawnee scalp hunters paid by U.S. Army officers to hunt and slay U.S. Army runaways during the Whiskey Rebellion.
And we hold such an image in esteem, a bitch with a sword?
The most troubling aspect of many civic images of Justice, not found in this tarot deck, is that she is blindfolded. Sure this is supposed to mean that she is impartial. But what it really means is that she is using something other than observation of reality and the facts to condemn the guilty.
That something other is her most prominent feature.
This Justice cunt is not just a bitch, she is a whore, whose primary symbol is the scales of the merchant. The merchant mentality, coming from many fonts in early human civilization revolves around money and is first codified—to my knowledge—as monetary justice in the Code of Hammurabi. This is congruent with the fact that Mesopotamia was first and foremost a slave society; that people were at once cattle and commodity and that even murder had a price tag. The undermining of God, Church and King all stem from the creation of money, which facilitates exchange without moral bonds. As established in the book A Babylonian Woe [circa 1974, self-published] Western Civilization was already fatally compromised by A.D. 200 from the action of money alone, the corrosive agent of the civilized soul.
It is no wonder that every reboot of Western Civilization and of other civilizations fails, because our faith in our God Money does for our soul what moisturizing our skin with battery acid would do for our complexion.
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