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The Shifting Duel of Doomed Races
James LaFond Will Blow Your Mind… at A Gents Rapier
© 2020 James LaFond
Thank you, Sir, for this fine write up.
My editor sent me the link above and I am quite flattered.
It reminds me also how much I owe to Borzoi Boscovic for his podcast promotions and for other writers on the subject of Plantation America who made my work possible, for I had very little access to information resources as of 2014, when Maryland universities stopped letting people who were not staff, students or scholars access their archives.
Among the links in the above article, I highly recommend Jim Goad's Redneck Manifesto for anyone interested in the history of the invisible white underclass of the Jim Crow Era, another in a long litany of erasures of poor European Americans from history. The real "white supremacy" is the erasure of working palefaces from the historic record so that they can be saddled with the blame for those long-standing crimes inflicted upon their ancestors and other races by the actual White elite. Do keep in mind that Goad was declared a hate criminal by a hate organization, which I lack the courage to name, based merely on him interviewing Hoffman about his 1992 pamphlet, one of the densest documents I have read in terms of compressed and suppressed information.
I do wish to cite one quote and make a clarification:
"From 1600-ish to the late 18th Century, c. 4 million whites were brought over as ‘indentured’ servants. In 1865, they had c. 2 million descendants.
"Over a similar time period but ending c. 1820, c. 500 thousand Africans were brought over as ‘negroes’ and subsequently ‘slaves’. In 1865, they had c. 4 million descendants.
Think about what that might imply regarding the relative treatment of each of those populations."

Short hand:
4 million to 2 million Europeans from 1617 to 1787.
half a million to 4 million Africans from 1619 to 1804.
The dates of censuses were not easy to align.
When the constitution was written the imported Europeans had been reduced by half to just over 2 million and the Africans nearly doubled in population to 600K 10% of them free. The real African boom would come when they were bred in the early 1800s to suppress wages and drive down family farm prices and push the hated European underclass west for their White masters.

The story of the color of enslavement in America is distorted by the focus on two events:
-1619, 20 Africans, being trafficked by the Spanish, were captured by Dutch pirates and sold to English Planters in Jamestown. That was basically the extent of African American slave trading in Plantation America until 1678. Not until 1685, did significant numbers of Africans get trafficked into English North America. This peaked in the 1740s and was dead and gone by 1804. So the African story is grossly distorted as having begun in 1619, when it did not. Only the super elite could own an African before the 1680s and Africans were permitted to enslave Europeans up until 1644.
Firearms ownership would be taken from Africans in New England in the 1680s.
Voting rights would not be taken from African Americans until the 1720s.
Not until about 1800 were laws passed in Virginia to limit manumissions of African Americans.
The American Academic, however, insists that conditions were flat over that vast and varied span. I found a statement in a 1970s University Press book citing a leading historian that variations in bondage conditions before 1830 are not to be investigated, lacking chronological relevance. This is brilliant propaganda when one considers that a brief reading of period news marks an extreme transformation of the Negro condition—to the bad, horrifically bad—beginning around 1830. This, among many citations points to the deliberate fabrication of American history after the fact.
-1804, with the Constitutional prohibition on human trafficking into America, the need for labor and the plunging rewards for runaway whites from $5 in 1806 down to 6 cents by 1820, due to the opening of the frontier, moved slave owners to offer humane terms to German laborers. From this practice, of bringing German families across intact and releasing them after 3 years, we get the term Indentured Servant, which is a retroactive academic term which was not used pre-1820 to my knowledge. While in 1748, we have hard evidence that half of all German immigrants died in the middle passage and that German children were sold out from under their parents on almost any pretext, including charges of swearing, our idea of an indentured servant emerges as a false, anachronistic construct with little basis in reality from that last phase of Plantation America when negroes had been shackled into hereditary, race-based bondage and the "white" descendants of their European predecessors had been driven west out of the wage market and family farming by African toil on behalf of the White elite.

Massive trafficking of Europeans ran from 1617 through 1804, with the outer brackets of the period seeing European-to-America human trafficking accepted and legal from 1585 through 1900—yes, children were being sold in Maryland and Pennsylvania until at least 1898.
But the vast majority of people trafficked from Europe to English North America came in 178 years and killed roughly half of those imported by the date of 1820. Of those roughly 4 million souls, slightly more than 2 million remained at the end of the trajectory. The 400 years of oppression and bondage is an exclusively European claim that has been culturally appropriated by African Americans in the duplicitous name of White Supremacy.
The African trafficking experience overlaps this, beginning in 1619 and ending in 1804, almost an identical span to the heavy concentration of Europeans, but much more focused, with virtually all imports coming between 1685 and 1775, only 90 years, to the 178 years of heavy European trafficking.
Of the half million Africans transported over a roughly 200-year span, that overlaps with the core European experience, their population expanded ten-fold as the European population reduced by half, making, in raw numbers, a case that the African was treated 20-times better than the European. I do not find specific evidence that Africans were treated better than Europeans when held in the same station of life. Rather, I have observed through billing records, manifests, runaway adds and wills, that the population sink for Europeans and the population boom of Africans, who are to this day the most prosperous people of African ancestry in the world, was due to the fact that Africans were brought as a breeding population and Europeans were primarily homeless male orphans worked to death and tossed into an unmarked grave, while the girls they might have married in a pro-ethnic setting, were in the mercantile setting, instead trafficked as sex slaves and replacement wives.
So, to be clear, one sees a 20-to-1 European to African mortality rate demographically over time. However, it seems true that only 10% of people brought in bondage to America, of any race, from 1617 through 1804, ever managed to emerge from slavery as anything more than a starving and broken wretch dying on a roadside. The genius of time slavery, to which the European was subjected to most often, over the institution of perpetual slavery, to which the African was most often subjected to, was that the elderly African might survive, taken care of by his family and fellow slaves and fed out of the common stores, while the European orphan, was simply released to fend for himself in a world with no social services and little to no wage work [thanks to slavery] to starve and die. I think of my first disc herniation as a laborer at age 22, and realize, that at age 22, as a Plantation America laborer, I would have died of starvation on the side of a cold muddy road, and that if somehow I regained my strength, a gaoler would search me for freedom papers and then auction me off until I broke again...
One might also wish to cite the fact that George Washington was only permitted by Philadelphia law, to hold his Negro slaves for 6 months before being required to free them, in the very same city, state and time whence German children were sold for periods of from 4 to 31 years for the following crimes:
-the death of a parent
-being born to a forced laborer
-the debt of a parent
-unproven charges that a parent cussed...
Yes, that is Plantation America, the seedbed of the world which is now dedicated to my vilification.
The more I read actual American history, the more I hate this nation. I suppose that explains why our history is predominantly made of lies and omissions, and perhaps further explains why the Postmodern American mind seems uniquely incapable of viewing reality without inserting a preexisting delusion and why we, as Americans, always blame the victim, because the criminal [being the White elite] has never been the object of investigation, with the blame forever shifted back and forth across racial lines among this class of disposable labor that the reptilian economic breed have forever exploited.
And yes, sir, the Norman legacy seems key here, a way that the comprehensive Middle Eastern slave society and Norse human thralldom, both focused on the sex trafficking of Heathen and Christian Europeans [with the term slave actually based on the ethnic identity of the Slavic people and the term thrall lost to our addled collective mind] came together in perfect dehumanizing synchronicity to monetize the races whose brain-washed scions would be saddled with the blame for their woe and the woe of others—and who would, and I think ever will, accept the role of repentant fiend in the fairy tale martyrdom of another race, for the simple fact that submitting to the fantasy that one is The Monster, is less painful than accepting the fact that one is merely food.
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