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We the Evil...
Devil Dick and the Crackpot Discuss Standards of Human Decline
Devil Dick writes:
The forgotten conqueror
Thu, Nov 12, 3:39 PM (9 hours ago)
to me
“Seeing that Zeus grants lordship to the Persian people....... let us....depart from the little and rugged land which we possess and occupy one that is better....Cyrus heard them, and found nothing to marvel at in their design; “Go ahead and do this,” he said; “but if you do so, be prepared no longer to be rulers but rather subjects. Soft lands breed soft men; wondrous fruits of the earth and valiant warriors grow not from the same soil.”
The Persians now realized that Cyrus reasoned better than they, and they departed, choosing rather to be rulers on a barren mountain side than dwelling in tilled valleys to be slaves to others.
- Herodotus, Book 9, Chapter 122
"Hellas in Ancient times had no settled population...cultivating no more of their territory than the necessities of life required..,never planting their land (for they could not tell when an invader might not come and take it all away.....the richest soils were always most subject to this change of masters"
- Thucydides p.1
"They will lead a peaceful and healthy life, and probably die at a ripe old age bequeathing a similar way of life to their children" [Socrates]
"Really Socrates...that's just the fodder you would provide if you were founding a community of pigs" [Glaucon, presumed butthole enthusiast]
"But how would you do it?" [S]
"Give them the ordinary comforts...let them recline in comfort on couches and eat off tables, and have the sort of food we have today" [G]
"All right....we are to study not only the origins of society,but also society when it enjoys the luxuries of civilization. Not a bad idea,.., in the process we may discover how justice and injustice are bred in a community."
- Plato, The Republic, Book 2
This third quote makes it quite clear that philosophy has handed us down the fantasies of luxurious weaklings and effeminates. I include Herodotus and Thucydides for contrast, as preserving what made men conquerors and not one of the soylent majority. As for the modern day, continuing Plato's legacy of being a dramatic homosexual, renowned philospopher Noam Chomsky said: Donald Trump is "the worst criminal in human history"
For any chroniclers of the coming khan, please refer to Mr. Chomsky as "that homo".
- Devil Dick

Wow, if that loud-mouthed New Yorker who, despite owning casinos thought the house would let him win a rigged game twice, is the "worst" of anything, we have fallen far indeed, even in our definition of villainy.
Speaking of soylent, as in the Chuck Heston movie based on Harry Harrison's Make Room, Make Room!, the 7-11 in Portland now sells a soylent drink!
Devil Dick, one of the compelling aspects of boxing as a sport, is how it stands as a metaphor for much greater things. The old drama of the World Champion began to unfold in the 1880s as men who had once been the servants of rich patrons and each of them that man’s champion, had evolved into the post Plantation Era champion of street gangs and eventually neighborhoods and municipalities, states and international sanctioning bodies.
Just as a nation strives, waxes, achieves, wanes and fades into ruin, so does the prize-fighter, whose brutal summer, if successful, brings an autumn of ease and the inevitable winter of his eclipse. The dire straights of the champion are fraught with not just challengers, perennial and new, but with the seductive peril of dissipation. Champion boxers are typically as much victim of their success once crowned as they were the hand of fate and the benefactor of their predecessor’s decay in their rise.
To battle the perception of these realities and disable the domesticated mind from perceiving its plight, belief in Platonic forms and eventual ideologies, purified of mysteries, are very helpful from a systemic perspective.
Hence Homer’s various reminders that the heroes of his age were a mere shadow of Achilles and Hector and their ilk and that even those heroes were weak compared to their ancestors. This is nothing more than common sense, as ease always weakens the man and renders the minds of women and sissies incapable of sustaining sanity through actual trial, with trial necessary for human improvement. This makes the addling of the mind with fear to the point of being incapable of growing through trial, important in the cultivation of the human soul as food to be hideously slurped by its fiendish farmers. The mind of the Modern person, incapable of survival without submission to ideology or drug addiction, is thus like the marbled flesh of the domestic beave, satiating the palate of the gluttonous system with the hysteria that is its dietary fat.
Plato, in his time offered the solution that every thinker of our time seems to offer. This clinging to form, universal, religious, racial or ideological is, on consideration, possibly the cornerstone of Modernity and why this process of prosperity and its very worship is so corrupting.
The assignment and self-assignment of a form, be we Master or Slave, Christian or Heathen, Liberal or Conservative, is thought to be enough to attain an identity. And then, from that mere submission to a category, we have been conditioned to “Brand” ourselves—what even neo-pagans preach in their so-called rejection of Modernity, submission to its basic, consumptive mechanics. Branding I will explore in another reflection on Plantation America and our roots. But for the topic of this discussion, I find it prophetic—in that our passive definitions of identity prophesize our precipitous decline into sloth—that in times of trouble and decline we have a tendency to reach out for a brand to assign, a faction with which to align.
This, in some guises is just a seeking of a safe psychological space as the system we live under is mechanized to terrorize the human being into either breaking or remaking. Simply the fact that our entire national identity is erected on readily apparent and easily identifiable lies, points to the Modern human as being highly susceptible to forms, to being forced into a behavioral mold—even away from himself, apart from his God and increasingly divorced from the realities around and within him.
We live currently, in a field of rarely paralleled torment, where even [and especially] those who align with the faction of the ascendant elite find themselves in a constant state of fear and pain and dread. For instance, as Liberalism runs rampant in its progressive form, its cultists, who should be waxing triumphant, are instead cringing beneath their masks, constantly scrambling for maximum social distance, living in cubicles watching actors have scripted sex, terrified of one rising Satan after another, convinced that millions of ghostly supremacists with guns are menacing them…
We live in a devolved ideological spectrum—something much less than a world—in which the winners earn hell on earth, the losers linger in a purgatory of persecution and heaven is nothing but a promise reserved for the inheritors of this utopia in the making. If only we could forget Plato and his foolish forms. For governments traffic in forms, forms which we must believe sustain us even as they eat us. The current system is, I think, a tool to extinguish the human soul, a forge of sorts, where humans with souls are twisted, tempered and quenched in an attempt to make them pure bio bots, to drive out the metaphysic slag and to finally erase identity and its attendant suffering. The bliss of absolute ignorance looms larger, and our release from suffering is that much nearer.
When I was young and yet believed that we were more than food, I would have never guessed that the path to nirvana was so simply materialistic.
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