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‘A Demonic System’
Michael Wann on the Magic of the Lie
Found an interesting mention of Bacon's Rebellion this morning. Disclaimer: not trying to push Michael Wann on you, I've just been diving into his content last month as one means to avoid the day-to-day garbage on offer in the media...
Bacon's Rebellion topic comes up at the 7:30 mark. Video begins by stating there are no solutions to demonic (however a person wants to define it) systems. Emphasis is on Bacon's Rebellion being an alliance between indentured and slaves. After the rebellion failed the system was refined to keep lower class whites and black's interest's opposed. Then moves onto "word magic" or the power of words to help define reality. That bit is interesting because one of your King Philip's posts discusses how the English would not use Indian names (which is ironic thinking about the origin of many "English" names).
-S C
Seeing Through The Game: Black - White Word Magic at the Foundation of the Demonic System
This video looks at Bacon’s Rebellion, the word magic behind the usage of black and white, homo sapiens vs demons, and mental preparation for the eventual exodus from the demonic system.

S C, Mister Wann is more right than he knows, in that his use of academic instead of primary sources, results in him conducting the entire discussion with one foot in the shadow of the lie and one foot in its blinding light.
He repeats the poorly sourced article’s contention that all unfree time slaves were “white” and that all “blacks” were slaves, which is false. There were European slaves, slaves for life, redemptioners, convict transports, kidnapping victims, headright servants and indented servants. There were no indentured servants as the academics suggest. Also, his assuming that all blacks in the Plantation of Virginia which he names only as a colony, completes his servitude to the semantics of the obfuscating lies. The fact that men in touch with the truth—as Wann does demonstrate that he understands our evil social matrix well enough not to blurt out everything he knows or suspects—still cleave to the artifices and semantics of the lie dooms their case to the backwash of the false polarity.
Bacon’s Rebellion is simply too complex for the postmodern mind to understand, steeped as we are in the simplicity of the Lie. Since he seems to be of the cosmic oatmeal cookie pie in the sky orientation, despite his acknowledgement of the evil shrouding the world, somehow believing in something more benign than a comet or a meteor giving humanity another chance at life without slavery, he has my best wishes. However, the only force that gets a reboot historically, since the Deluge, seems to be the demonic, the manipulative, not the wise or the human. Wann’s inability to step outside the frame of the Lie even as he speaks against it, is quite telling, not of him, but of our shared condition within a false framework of deceit which has effectively inoculated itself and its billions of captives against the Truth.
He is spot on that the use of the term’s white and black as racial nouns were virtually unknown in English until the 1700s. He also goes along with the fuzzy academic wench’s compression of the 1675-1705 timeline into one event.
I would be careful though, in attributing these words to an English origin. Rather, like “slave” an Arabic word, such terms as “Black” and “White” seem to have been English translations of Semitic words through the medium of Spanish, with Blanco becoming white and negro or negra becoming black. It is interesting, and I think deeply important, that, as Wann points out, the word that became white in English, in the earlier Germanic roots was whit or wight, denoting entities of spirit, such as Tolkien’s “barrow wight” in The Fellowship of the Ring, an undead creature. That symbolically black and white, the absence of light and the absence of color respectively, were symbols of metaphysic power, both with demonic attributes, but white also symbolic of purity, were assigned by non-Christian North Africans, Middle Easterners and Turks, to Sub-Saharan Africans and Christian Europeans, first as slave categories, speaks volumes. By far, the most demonic act was the seduction of Christian Europeans into giving up their racial and religious identity in favor of this macro-zoological economic identity of “white,” so that non-Christian European slave traders might find safely among the Christian elite while trafficking their Christian underlings and eventually their African replacements.
I would also like to point out that the cooperation of Negro and English-Scottish slaves against the counterattacking master class was the final doomed act of the rebellion, which began as a revolt of an elite minority from the elite majority, with the support of the disenfranchised freemen class, which was itself a small segment of the population. The unfree combatants of all races fought on both sides for their masters, some with the hope of emancipation others of escape. Like the Haitian uprising, over a hundred years later, slaves only became involved as belligerents after the squabbling of the elites had rent the social hierarchy badly enough to permit the hope of a successful uprising.
The tobacco cutting riots of 1682 may have contributed more to the master class’ switch to predominantly imported African chattel from 1685 through 1740 than did Bacon’s Rebellion, which saw less than 10% of rebel combatants drawn from the African American population. Most changes in the relative social status of the races across Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas came post 1685, and the most severe [such as the taking away of the rights to vote and bear arms from African Americans] between 1700 and 1745.
Earlier and future uprisings in Plantation Virginia, had been and would be nipped in the bud via the use of informants from among the slaves or malcontents themselves, as far back as 1622 when Indians and vagabonds attacked Jamestown and surrounding plantations, and as far in the future as the year 1860, when The Jonas Andrew Plot, involved plotters and informants and system proponents of Caucasian and African races on both sides.
SC. is the researcher and coauthor of the book Ye Scum of the Countrey, to be completed in late 2021, the edicts of the master class permitting.

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