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‘An Exotic Status Symbol’
Peter the Great’s Chocolate Drop
Kings and Generals is a channel I have enjoyed very much, with a tendency to balance, eschewing ideology. However, in this very factual piece, the ideological fantasy that only one race of people has ever been enslaved, and that a slave who is kept until he is broken down and useless and unable to fend for himself is and is then released to die starving on the roadside, does not fit the definition of slave, are all upheld in an orgy of hand-wringing delusion.
Fact after fact is presented, showing that the son of a Sub-Saharan chief was treated better than every Russian in Russia, except for the Czar—and including the Czar’s own son! Yet the narrator insists on crediting all of the trials and tribulations of Gannibal among the savage, back-stabbing Russian elite who constantly killed and exiled each other, to “racism,” which did not yet exist as a concept. The beauty about the mass delusion of African-Only Slavery that is so deeply worshipped that no clear examination of facts can make a dent in the mind of the examiner, makes this vast well of evidence that Early Modern Europe and Plantation America, were post-racial economic zones manifestly clear. Clear only for that tiny minority of minds capable of thought.
This black prince out of Africa become a Muslim slave to the Turkish Sultan, spied for the Russians upon his master, was brought out of Turkey by the Russian ambassador to be adopted by Peter the Great as his son. He would study artillery in France, fight against the Spanish, where he got the name Hannibal [Gannibal] and Voltaire declared him “the dark star of Russia’s enlightenment,” with distinction, being wounded when a giant shotgun cannon of his own design malfunctioned. He would eventually be exiled to Siberia on his adoptive father’s death, recalled by his step sister the Queen, and would end up being given 100 Russian slaves! Though modern people like to believe that a Russian serf was not a slave, he was, as he was literally owned by the land which was owned by the master, being permanent livestock.
Gannibal lived to be 82, after working as a distinguished engineer, fireworks innovator, artillerist and army officer. He had numerous wives and 11 children. Most of these children would join the Russian slave-owning nobility and one line would eventually birth famed writer Alexander Pushkin.
[Baruch, this is where you tender evidence that Gannibal was an Igbo.]
The narrator of this series, Kings and Generals, which provides excellent military history, does point out that in 1704, in Europe to own an African slave was the prerogative of the highest nobles and royals, as these slaves were so expensive and exotic—and therefore rare and not to be possessed even by the ordinary elite let alone the mass of evil “whites.” Gannibal was not hindered due to his race at all, simply resented by his competitors for power as a non-Russian. He also fared better than the normal Russian who fell out of royal favor twice, still retiring in dignity.
An African with a claim to being the son of an African prince, adopted out of slavery in Czarist Russia and owning a hundred Russian slaves, stands as an excellent compliment to the story of Job the African prince liberated from bondage in Maryland during Gannibal’s life time, by Oglethorpe due to his high African caste, as an excellent example of European slavery as actually based on class rather than race.
Also note that the Saharan nations whose chief economy was slave trading, dealt with the barbary Pirate nations, indicating that some of the millions of European slaves taken by the North African Berbers and Arabs had been trafficked into Sub-Sahara Africa. The North Africans only had slaves to barter, while the Central Africans had slaves and gold. Simple logic dictates that hundreds of thousands of European sex slaves were sold into captivity in Central Africa. This, fact, along with Gannibal’s extensive knowledge of written languages as a boy, his excellence in European studies, argues that he, like Job, was a member of the mixed-race elite of the Islamic Sahel.
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Gannibal - African Son of Peter the Great of Russia
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