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Big Al
A True Tale of Fistic Adventure
© 2020 James LaFond
Big Al was a nose guard on his high school football team, a thick-boned, bucket-headed bull of a young man.
He was walking home from a friend’s house after staying out late drinking. It was just a couple miles, but he didn’t want to wake his parents up—not realizing that they were up late worrying about him.
Al was walking down a street where a number of half completed homes were being built for ivory urban vultures to flock to and roost. He heard, in the dark, “No, no, get off of me! Stop! No!”
Al then heard, “Shut the fuck up, bitch” as the bl@#$ prince slapped the wh@#$ girl he was raping in the dirt.
Al ran up to the rapist and said, “Get off of her.”
To this impugnation of his Reparations Recovery Rights, the hopeful King of Wakanda bristled and stepped up to the stout ghost and threatened, “Watch you gonna do ‘bout it.”
The answer, came in the form of a ham hock fist to the skid mark face and left the royal scion of ascension unconscious on his back.
Al did not recognize the rapist. He did see that the girl was a fellow school student and he carried her home. Noting that she was so incredibly drunk that she could not stand, Al was afraid to stay and take the blame for her condition, so placed her on the family porch, rang the doorbell, and ran.
He totally did not trust this stupid bitch not to blame him for doing this to her or perhaps blame him for felling a scion of Wakanda as he wooed her. In case she knew the righteous ebon mounty her safe word might have been something other than “Get off, stop” or “No.”
Al was advised by his father not to brag about this, and was careful to avoid speaking with the girl when he saw her at school and she looked at him questioningly.
Al is a better man than this old pale hoodrat. I would never go to an unknown woman’s rescue if she were being attacked by one of my dark masters for the very same possibly bad outcomes that Al instinctively feared, for he recently graduated from high school and knows well that he was born guilty, anointed as evil in academia, politics and the media, and would stand zero chance against a federal hate crime charge for interfering with reparations recovery. Why, would a Saxon serf of a Norman prince be able to get away with clobbering a knight for exercising his right to rape a peasant girl?
Actually, there should be a Federal Civil Rights Law stating that only palefaces are legally capable of interracial rape. It should not be possible under Floyd for one of his folk to be charged let alone convicted of raping some ivory wench.
Al did well, a far better man than I.
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