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‘Colonies of Agriculture Economy’
The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation
52.8% of Rhode Islanders Vote to Erase History
“Merchants of Rhode Island played a key role in the African Slave Trade.”
These merchants were largely, Non-Christian, and shipped these slaves to the south far more often than their own state. Of course, Plantations were places where European slaves were “planted” by their owners to form a tax base. Almost all Americas believe it was a place where cotton and sugar were planted, the land cleared by Africans, when this image is almost universally anachronistic and geographically misplaced. So now, this reminder that Europeans were trafficked longer and in greater numbers than Africans—twice as long and in ten times the numbers—has been voted to be erased by the slight idiot majority of an idiot plurality. Rather than explain the horror that people were literally planted as human fertilizer to feed the mercantile machine enriching the tiny one percent of the elite, the mob instead must be treated to the bucolic image of planting crops—which we believe in our canine-stew mind that only one race of people are capable of planting and harvesting…
The war on reality wins another battle. That single word, Plantation, left in the name of that smallest of states, at least preserved a trace of our past, like a man’s foot print in the gathering snow of Time. But, the people who introduced the color of snow as a racial category in order to facilitate smoother human trafficking, must cover their tracks as ruthlessly as possible, energetically abetted by the scions of their ancestral slaves of the rainbow of races that now contentedly mew in their echoing stalls in this feedlot of souls.
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blue eyed daughter of zeus
the greatest lie ever sold

Increase Mather XXIDec 3, 2020

'Merchants.' I love it, lol.

Euro slaves changed the genetic make up of many of the places which they ended up as owned. That indicates massive numbers of them were transported there.
responds:Dec 3, 2020

Lots of pale Indians.
Sam J.Dec 5, 2020

"...So now, this reminder that Europeans were trafficked longer and in greater numbers than Africans—twice as long and in ten times the numbers..."

Where do you get these numbers at James? At the risk of being impertinent there's been boat loads of writing contrary. I would would much appreciate if I had a source for what you wrote above that I could reference from time to time.
responds:Dec 5, 2020

You will have to read Advent America when it comes out.


1680: 10, English kids sold as kidnapped cargo.

1650s: 300,000 Irish sold under Cromwell

1748 50,000 German sold into Philadelphia alone, 25,000 dying in transit, read The Greatest Lie Ever Sold for this record.

Also, the patreon site carries this study, based on estimates, 400,000 Africans to 4 million Europeans shipped into American bondage.
Sam J.Dec 7, 2020

responds:Dec 7, 2020

There are some chapters in Advent America that could get me shutdown, so that book will not be offered electronically. The item in question, I think, was posted on patreon around September.
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