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Goon-Squad Aggressonomics
Notes from Denver’s Union Station Hotel Lobby 8/17/20
[This is the prequel to Alliance Allied Security ]
The six goon cops around the platform eye-fucked me continuously as I stretched my legs with my backpack and barred me from walking towards the west end of the track without a word.
The dolls behind the coffee counter were shocked I tipped them.
There were a couple of hobos like me, one with a thick beard and a service dog which wore a secondary back pack, a stout pitbull of mild disposition partnered with a mountain man.
There was an insane African hooker with a weirdly shaved head.
Mostly there were plump frails of pale hue headed to work their various jobs. The girls behind the various counters were generally 20 pounds overweight and pretty.
The gottesses they served were all movie-star built and news caster faced, 8s and 9s even on Rick’s cruel scale of feminine worth.
Inside the hotel lobby, a mall of plushitude, are numerous masked couples, with the husbands walking behind their beautiful mistresses like servants.
A rough-looking tan dude in his 20s comes in without a mask and the bald ivory PIG in charge, who orders the other three cops around, barks at him, “A mask or leave—just go!”
He was alternately checking me out, making sure I put my mask back up after every sip of coffee as I sit here writing.
Amish family comes in and he nicely admonishes them to put on masks, “Like me.”
They feign interest and he lets them go as they pull masks on over their mouths only.
The giant ebony warrior is ignored and he remains unmasked.
The tall good looking young hipster who writes unmasked across from me is ignored.
The two very fuckable babes across from me, in the sectional couch, sit down to speak with their masks on and the head PIG approaches them and tells them that they can take their masks off since they are socially distant from the rest of us though no one is a distant as I. I should have thanked him. They are pretty and its nice to see their face.
I have not seen so much fuckable pussy in a long while. The who-I-want-to-fuck and who-I-want-to-fuckup, hierarchy of the liberal police state is on full force. I can’t complain. Looking at these middle class goons looking at me with quiet suspicion and hate I’m glad they’d rather fuck me up than fuck me…
The utter cucked and subservient behavior of the dronish husbands and escorts of their various gorgeous gottesses is amazing.
Lust springs eternal and the head PIG in charge glares at me as my bandana slips below my nose and I wink and pull it back up, he missing another chance to eject an obviously homeless—but Amtrak-valued—squatter from his pussy-rich domain.
I think I’ll fold up this machine and get on back to the train to charge it and return latter. We have a six-hour layover in this nest of elite birds with their gym-sculpted curves—for my money I’d take the plump big-eyed Latina that just strutted in…
Riley Smith, I so miss you.

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New LedfordDec 3, 2020

So how does the hipster get away with it? Harmlessness? The rest make sense.
responds:Dec 3, 2020

You nailed it.

Being judged physically capable and pale is the key to attracting PIGs in the future.
New LedfordDec 3, 2020

Tricky balance. Harmlessness works with blue folk but marks you as prey to others. I'm weird, this stuff is fun to think about, adds spice to everyday life. As a scion of the solid middle class, I should fear the modern world. Actually it's full of interest.
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