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Postmodern Zoology
News from the Dawning of the Neo-Medieval World
© 2020 James LaFond
From the great artificial primate habitat called Modernity, we have some news and training tips for negotiating the increasingly sterile precincts of the elite and the good news that reverse-colonization will eventually result in armies of feral savages storming the gates of the mansions and ripping apart the very fiends who imported them as our replacements in the first place. I'm no cosmic oatmeal cookie, but this seems like an argument for karma...
There is no day like Sunday for the End Time Gospel and some practical combat advice from the old Judo school, with that art remaining the most useful empty hand adjunct to military and police training. And, now that we will have to be our own military and police, it's worth a revisit.
Thanks to my correspondents below for the good cheer.
[My comments are in brackets.]

Sat, Dec 5, 1:09 PM (1 day ago)
The New Untouchables | City Journal (
[I see this as all good. For the instigators of petty crimes tend to target the soft, the weak, the meek, people we can well do without as we are hunted to extinction by the soul-eating System.]

Angelas Crackpipe Ashes
Thu, Dec 3, 7:20 AM (3 days ago)
Funny that this "Keep" mindset lives on in america. Emperor Friedrich III. was held hostage in his own castle by the angry people of Vienna who took potshots at the fortress. Probably a remnant of that Anglo-Norman ruling class system.
A gated community is just a Zoo of fat prey animals that are fucked when the Predators get into the cage should they ever get bored lingering around the in and out coach roads.
Mark Zuckerbergs Nerd Smarthome, where he has a robot slave with the voice of black man Morgan Freeman, gets nullified by the 17th century technology of the Mortar.
[I actually think that our future Lord of Mars and first candidate for AI upload deity, Z-Berg, will most likely fall victim—if the world is lucky enough—to some 3,000 year old Hittite technology, good old cold steel. The beauty about colonization is that when the empire invades a shithole and builds infrastructure of access and control, that for every thousands the empire kills, 10,000 are injected into the imperial homeland, like a hypodermic shot of heroin slamming blood from the injection site back up into the syringe. This happened with Filipinos, Japs, Germans, Koreans, Somalis, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, and is the gift that keeps giving. So we kill 3,000 Somalis in the early 90s and now we have 300,000 of their relatives and descendants transforming our cities into revenge and retribution centers. I see this as all good in Aristotle's deistic view and just in Increase Mather's Christian view.]

Old judo/jujutsu training footage from WW1-WW2
Tue, Dec 1, 3:46 PM (5 days ago)
I especially enjoyed the curbstomp drills around 24:00.
[I have lost numerous stick and machete bouts via Judo throws and locks. I recommend Judo for any man or woman, based on my business-end experience.]

Losing one's head
Wed, Dec 2, 11:27 PM (4 days ago)
to me, Lynn
The words woman allegedly told police after decapitating her mother
Sydney woman, Jessica Camilleri, on trial for her mother Rita's decapitation murder asked police at the scene if doctors could work 'miracles' and 'sew her head back on', a court has heard.
such a jolly face too.
-Jesse James Bowie
[The belief in reattachment and latent magic of severed heads will slowly come back into being as the newest version of Guns, Germs and Steel reconquers the West from we the demographic Pest, in the form of "the Machete Virus."]
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