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Plagiarist to Cuck
And Wealthier Than Ever
© 2020 James LaFond
20 years ago this man requested a free copy of my book The Logic of Steel, developed an article about knife usage based directly on the material, with a bad guy that looked like me, and got paid $250 bucks for the article by Back Belt Magazine.
Now, on this video, he announces—with a telling lack of conviction—that the big company he sold out to is not going to "wreck the brand." Of course, he does not know that a brand began as a slave mark as he hands the branding iron over to his new master. Then he goes on to apologize to his customers for anyone he might have offended in the past, anything he might have said to hurt a feeling. This means that the company already plans on firing him for some indiscretion down the road and have told him to set the stage for his own economic execution in this cuckish way.
Now, the man who once shamelessly ripped me off has become the slave that I was—working for those who valued and hated me in one toxic sweep of their soulless gaze—back when he was taking blatant credit for my work.
I am content. The fattest of the many hyenas that have glutted themselves on my efforts and have also sought to erase me, has himself been dragged down by jackals in the falling shallows night. The American in him is surely happy, having hit the jackpot. But somewhere in there remains a man, who almost choked on his abdication at 48-seconds into the video—Umm, yeah, and he didn't even have the latitude to plagiarize himself as he morphed into a PC meat-puppet before our eyes!
I feel better about being a ten-time loser almost every day.
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Ruben     Dec 8, 2020

What a douche bag! I love the fracture moment at
    Dec 7, 2020

Part of me felt pity and the worse half snickered.
OrangeFrog     Dec 8, 2020

Mr LaFond,

The man in the video strikes me as a person who has no soul. The man in the video looks to me to be a dishonest man, and I say this after reading the title of your piece 'Plagiarist to Cuck' and just looking at the still of the video before I played it. He is a sell out and there is no doubt of that.

And you're right, in there most probably are the vestiges of a man who knows he copped it. Who knows he caved. And who knows his half-arsed acting is not even convincing him. You may be a 'ten time loser' in the classical sense (poor paying/ no job, hobo, whatever else) but you are freer. You have something - your writing - that consumes you at all times (as well as your combat training) and staves off despair and depression.

Do you know, for almost every person that I have met that was 'classically successful' - the house, the wife, the family; in most cases it was hollow (although I am not saying these are bad things if done well!). These people had no real interests in anything. They were neither interesting nor interested. As a result they were not really happy - or as happy as it possible to be in this world. Looking at the world and accepting it's brutal reality was not something they could do.

You have thought for yourself. Made an effort to piece together history on your own and it's impressive. Problem is only the rare few appreciate it - but that doesn't stop you. You're curious and you want to know so good for you.

As a side note I have enjoyed your travel pieces - particularly your evaluation of the stations you visited. A fascinating analysis.

Kindest regards from London.
    Dec 8, 2020

Will use as an article starter, tomorrow.

Don Quotays     Dec 8, 2020

People's transgressions have a way of coming back on them.

Wags on YT are referring to it as his hostage video, now that I have watched it, I agree. I do wonder the real rationale for selling, aside from a fat check.

It will be fascinating to see how quickly the quality of the product drops.
    Dec 8, 2020

If he goes to Nigeria and has a machete duel with sharps in a ring of burning tires he should have his man card returned to him.
WellRead Ed     Dec 13, 2020

I can't decide if he's terminally ill, or completing one of the steps in a 12-Step Program. Early on, CS knives were serviceable, middle of the road blades that were reasonably priced. Later, they took on the quality of truck stop fare.

No matter who owns them, they will never return to the status they enjoyed in the 80's.
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