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'to beat this thread to death'
Increase Mather XXI Asks About Warding off the Heathen
© 2020 James LaFond
Increase Mather XXI commented on Mobbing Up Dec-9-2020 9:55 AM UTC
I don't want to beat this thread to death, but it is just too interesting. You've mentioned before about how grabbing hold of your knife's handle calms you and gives you position over potential attackers after the subsequent body language change resulting from it. Have you noticed this happening in potential "mobbing up" situations at all? Thanks.

I first noticed this dynamic by accident when I was continually not selected for muggings, even though alone and small, in areas where coworkers were attacked. This was due to my wearing a flannel shirt around my waist during summer mugging season. I did this because I was the frozen foods clerk. The loose and impractically heavy clothing worn by armed thugs concealing hardware had saved me. So, I started putting a big fucking knife under that that flannel kilt.
I have been in scores of these situations. Check out 40,000 Years from Home for the litany of my violent encounters up until 2016.
This always has more effect on more primitive and instinctual aggressors. While the 85 IQ redneck in the pickup truck is saying to his buddy, "Let's stomp out that long haired midget," the 75-IQ Bantu on the street corner is saying to his buddy, "Yo, checkout cave-boy—nigga ain' a lille scared...muvafucka mus' be strapped as shit! Fuck dat, lez tax Albert's dumbass again..."
A pitbull stopped charging me in the dark after I placed two pens in my hand and clicked the points out.
It will be quicker for me to give some examples from memory rather than spend hours searching 1,600 Harm City articles, so here is an inventory for you to search, a mix of half-remembered titles and comments:
2020, Hazelenut van Helsing and Muscle White
2019, Wan Zee Stuff?
2017, Crossing Middle River Bridge, the Green Umbrella, Yo Santa Clause is Serious as Shit,
2016, Get I'm, Looking for Crazy Mark, Wrong Guy
2015, Is You Stupit?
The stuff from 2017-18 are in White in the Savage Night, Autumn in a Dying City [banned in print, available in kindle], Winter in a Dying City [unpublished] and Harm City to Chicongo [unpublished].
The aspects of this dynamic are:
-1. suspicion that I am armed, based on attire
-2. suspicion that I will fight, based on relaxed state [in me induced by knowing I will butcher my attackers, where, empty-handed I would be overwhelmed]
-3. conviction that I am dangerous, based on my silence,
-4. suspicion that I am a Yeti Vampire, based on my luring them into a dark and lonely place
-5. and the good goddamned sense that I have cut and stabbed people in the past, because I have, and this is bleeding through to the instinctual 75-IQ aggressor, where the 120 IQ football quarterback would have no idea he was about to be eviscerated.
-6. sorcery, I imagine over and over again, in 3 second bytes my dissection of the approaching meat parade, causing the primordial dream of the Neanderthal to take flight and inform the latent genius of the scion of Wakanda, that here skulks a monster. In seriousness, I think this just patterns into the body language. For instance, anytime I see a cop and repeatedly visualize butchering him, they seem to sense it and turn and look my way. And cops do have criminal instincts due to the fact that cops are criminals.
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Increase Mather XXI     Dec 10, 2020

I didn't intend to 'stab' this thread to death either, lol.

Wow! This is even more fascinating that I originally suspected. All this over a folding blade. I must say, though I avoid 90% of these types of situations, I have noticed a slight 'change' anytime a blade handle was grabbed. Very primal I suppose.

Perhaps the flannel around the waist created a 'shash effect.' Men wore sashes forever until fairly recently. Perhaps that is primal as well.
    Dec 11, 2020

I think we have an instinct for tools and weapons that creates a subtextual body language.

Nice thought on the ash effect.

Hip Hop clothing fashion is baggy because that is menacing.
Increase Mather XXI     Dec 12, 2020

Yeah, I think you are right. Sticks, bats & blades seem to bring this out. Maybe it's just me, but I find this fascinating.

Yeah, the sash thing just came to me, but it is true that, all over the world in various cultures, men wore sashes (and sashes hold blades often enough).

The baggy-as-menacing concept is interesting. It seems that baggy clothing give off an almost childish vibe. You know, because clothes that are too big make one look little (kind of like the 'dangerous clown' trope, because clowns are ostensibly harmless). It's jarring to the eye to see a grown man in ill-fitting clothes, that maybe adds to the menace (refusal to dress properly perhaps being a sign of anti-sociality). Also, one can move around quite well in baggy clothes, as they are not constricted in any way. Maybe that adds to the menace.
    Dec 12, 2020

I once carried 7 knives, including bowie, and a 22-cal carbine under my ill-fitting clothes across Baltimore.
Don Quotays     Dec 12, 2020

Humans (men) became the apex predator of this planet by the use of tools/weapons.

Having a weapon, any weapon, gives its owner a sense of confidence, if they know how to use it, all the better. If they have used it successfully, X 10.

Confidence radiates off a person, and the warrior clothing that can hide weapons raises the question of weapons.

Doubt and uncertainty are the handmaidens of fear, or at least caution.
    Dec 12, 2020

Predators making target selection need only doubt and uncertainty to abandon a mark.
Increase Mather XXI     Dec 12, 2020

Did you put all those knives in your pockets? Or clip them to your waist line? That's a lot of knives man.
    Dec 12, 2020

Bowie knife in scabbard against the low back, gravity blade in a belt sheath, razors and knives in pockets, dagger in inside vest pocket of vest, screw drier in back pants pocket.

It was not practical, just an experiment to see how much could be carried.
Increase Mather XXI     Dec 16, 2020

Damn, that's a lot of sharp metal James. Good thing you didn't trip and fall!
    Dec 16, 2020

It was just an experiment.

I general had a razor knife behind my belt buckle and gravity blade behind my hip.

In later years it was a neck knife on my front right hip and a pen clipped to my left neck collar.
Increase Mather XXI     Dec 17, 2020

Next move would be a lapel knife, lol. You've redefined "heavy metal" for sure.

By razor I assume you mean straight razor. Did you keep it behind your belt with some clip, or just the tightness of the belt holding it in place (sash style!)?
    Dec 19, 2020

answer in in an article.
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