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Going Wolf
Warlock Tactics for the Hunted Heretic
© 2020 James LaFond
-1. This is not your country.
-2. This country hates you.
-3. Concealment within any class of the System’s priests, acolytes, enforcers or slaves will leave you open to persecution, as heretics are best ferreted out by members of their own tier on the power pyramid.
-4. Do not trust a man with a fake name.
-5. Do not trust a man behind the mask of contrition.
-6. Think of the world as a lethal game of “shirts and skins” or Faces and Masks.
-7. Do not trust children.
-8. When it comes to the truth all women are children.
-9. Think like a criminal.
-10. Conceal your true thoughts from all until someone has fought with or fed or boarded you, then you can explore the possibility that they will not turn you in to the System.
11. You are always under observation by the police state so behave accordingly.
-12. Always travel with a mask so it can be donned to avoid arrest or conceal identity from our overwatchers.
-13. Ivories are beyond redemption.
-14. Ebonies are above the law. So try and ally with ebony front men, just like women once had to do business through a front man.
-15. Train to engage in defensive and offensive combat.
-16. Do not ally with or protect police. That cop will either be scapegoated of he will be inducted into a higher order of social control and part of his induction will be turning you in.
-17. Use combat visualizations daily. The idea that you don’t know what you will do until you are in that situations is a lie, one of our foundational lies of democracy, of hysteria-based society. If visualization can work for dumb jocks who believe in nothing, it can work for you who believe in something.
-18. Government, military, law enforcement and school success equals your oppression.
-19. Macro-economic success equals your oppression.
-20. Your genocide is in progress, but saying it, speaking of any truth, will ruin you or paint a target on your back.
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New Ledford     Dec 17, 2020

Also remember the System isn't actually good at anything other than preserving the System, so don't despair. Being unnoticed is good tactics and strategy, and probably good enough to save you.

Says this old man with the fake name.
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