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'Techno Corporate State?'
Devil Dick and the Crackpot Discuss Urban Futures
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What about Detroit
Sat, Dec 19, 8:00 PM (16 hours ago)
Hey James.
Recently I think it's become obvious most of the decent functioning cities in North America will end up becoming third world tier shitholes. However, what about the already eigth world tier cities like Detroit? Since all the property is already worth less than cooked rat turds, its perfect for the people who sent in legions of jamals and druggies to scoop it up and build their homosexual amazon city filled with bugpeople. Will it be some sort of techno corporate state?
- Devil Dick

What about Detroit?
Middleweight runner-up again, second to Harm City for the sixth year running!
Sir, we are of course discussing fictional scenarios for near future adventure stories to entertain the safe, healthy, life-extended citizens of the risen Second Garden of Eden. For we all know that life is becoming safer by the day for all of those right-thinkers, correct-speakers and good-meaners. Thus, improbable science-fiction might stave off the boredom of the mediated masses. We are on the verge of such beneficent levels of government control, that we will be bored out of our minds by our state of godlike plenty.
By now people viewing reality as opposed to those viewing Brotopia through media-filtered rainbow glasses, now know what American cities have been:
-Centers of elite power and servile squalor in the Plantation Era.
-Bustling industrial centers of working class and middle class aspiration and elite panic prior to WWII
-Post WWII cities becoming crime zones, cleared by the legions sent in by the elite to clear out the working and middle class.
-The hopeful future, once dystopian cities collapse, is that the elite will finally snap up that real estate from the unsavory legions they garrisoned there, send those legions to the suburbs to pursue the remnant working and middle class into the dustbin of history, and then to reside in their gleaming cities under a strict caste system.
In such a future, expect your credit score to either be replaced by a social justice score or heavily governed by your proven supplication to the system that loves you.
Other restrictions necessary for the utopias I write about in Organa, for instance, will include restrictions, for your own good, on:
-Monetary exchange
-Travel at all levels
-The burden of self-defense
-Access to bad-speak documents
-Access to primary source documents
One might call this Turd World levels of safety and security for the elite alongside submission, hysteria and drug addiction for the unwanted millions, which include we.
Power already resides in corporate hands to such a degree that wars fought by governments are largely under their control. I do see an end to the State as the primary forces, displaced more completely by the Corporation. But just like states saw it in their benefit to preserve the Church in the modern era, I think that the corporations will seek to preserve the fiction of the state as a covering institution for their crimes well into this Postmodern Era.
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A Nonymous     Dec 20, 2020

“Civilization has taught man how to live in dense crowds, and by that very fact those crowds are likely ultimately to constitute a majority of the world’s population. Already there are many who prefer this crowded life, but there are others who do not, and these will be gradually eliminated. Life in the crowded condition of cities has many unattractive features, but in the long run these may be overcome, not so much by altering them, but simply by changing the human race into liking them.” –Charles Galton Darwin (The Next Million Years)
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