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Dear Readers, the Cracked Pottery Needs a Hand
© 2020 James LaFond
Though I have successfully uploaded numerous books to a POD platform and had them approved, at least two, and possibly three of these 17 books have somehow fallen afoul of the shadows of justice haunting the ethics of the machine. I am writing headlong through a 17 book backlog in a race against time and sanity, so am willing to just let these things die in their consigned silence until the Editorial Angel of the Bored resurrects them. As “banned” books they are her property now.
However, if you are curious about why—because the hate-keepers are not allowed to talk to you about why—then email me and I’ll send you the PDFs and you will perhaps be able to tender a report to the editor and the crackpot as to why these books got nicked. The other books on the same subject and written with the same determination not to use bad words, have sailed right through the process.
Even when quoting someone, who for instance might utter the word for opaque as racial noun, I will type b!@#$.
Did I screw up and quote someone?
I recently used the 4-letter Spanish term for heavenly hued person in polite conversation and had three pale church ladies shocked that I was using the 6-letter English word for master race person as a slur, just because the first letter was the same!
Am I no longer going to be able to order a Modelo Negra at the bar?
If the bars ever reopen, probably not.
If you are interested, you will get to read a few free pdfs and perhaps contribute to the ever-growing lexicon of forbidden words—which ironically, cannot be published!
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nc     Dec 28, 2020

Are the "nicked" ones the most resent sent to the publishers? If so, maybe you finally got the "rape eye" from the Commissars.
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