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Kosmic Hunting Beyond the Peeple Fold
Gill Prompts the Crackpot on the Morality of Lone Wolf Practicality
© 2020 James LaFond
As far as I know I am the only writer on masculinity and practical survival that advocates that the lone actor, the individual atomized man, should act as such and not attempt to pack-up. In a military sense this seems stupid, until we are reminded that modern systems of military control has turned the sniper, not the machine-gunner or storm trooper or other grunt into the most potent and survivable infantryman.
Did you know that the media craze about serial killers is generally a Creep State program to sow distrust and fear of the individual amongst the common people in order to eradicate the individual? They find some asshole that killed 1 to 3 people and make him into an industrial menace and clear their case load and scare the panties off of the peeple.
The Identified Enemy of the world's apex system of evil, the biggest killing machine in human history, the rapist of all the earth, the tormentor of gas-lit millions, the actual Risen Beast, is identified across all of the Beast's news, entertainment and advertising media as:
-1. A Man
-2. Pale and evil of hue
-3. A lone actor
This has let us know that we were the target since long ago.
Therefore, my Taboo Man operating system is an adaptation of masculinity to existential evil in the field of common reality, while the views of men such as Pack Survival Advocates, are Utopian, as I deal in IS and they deal in should, could and would.
With that in mind, I would like to consider the query of a new reader, an old hand from Baltimore who recently found my reprehensible screeds here, and seeks clarification.
[My answers will be in brackets.]

Followup to Yeti's question
Wed, Dec 23, 11:58 PM (13 hours ago)
Hey James
I forgot that once you write something down, you "forget" what you wrote. Ironic, since I'm fighting the losing struggle of ageing memory.
Yeti asked "Who do you think is running things/the world/TPTB?" Your answer was
1) it doesnt matter who the overlord is. Just realizing that society is a lie put on us by the nameless overlords is the core knowledge
[People get led down false thought ways trying to assign blame for evil rather than accepting that it exists. This is the civilized yearning to devolve into the womb and be our mother. It is feminine. The guy that has to find someone to blame is crawling back into his mommy. The actionist does not try and frame the game and invent a new world according to the lie of democracy and collectivity in general. Rather, the actionist learns the rules, adjusts to the changes in rules, and navigates that which is designed to torment and kill him or drive him insane. Who runs the world changes. Focusing on who so as to assign blame is useless. They will get screwed by others of their ilk, like Cortez did to Montectzuma. What matters is to understand the mechanisms of power and the eternally imposed field of action within which you operate. This is why space travel has been halted for 50 years! they will not let humans off of this prison farm. Drones will go and we will drool in our stalls and clap like seals.]
2) I am a selfish little misanthrope so i dont care about this savage planet. All I care about is my fiction and some histories.
[This is my core morality, that it is not my job to change the world, which limits my hand in evil doing, as more folks have been done dirty by those trying to craft utopia than by any other cause. By selfish, I mean specifically with my writing. I will not have all of my work taken down to satisfy another person's curiosity as to who the bad guys are. I am selfish about my subjects, the use of my brain. For instance, I turned down 13 promotions, and then after I took a 7-level leap to Director in one promotion, and eventually quit, I turned down 9 other store director jobs. I did this because money means nothing and I would not pawn my mind to make money for soulless money worshippers. If what I selfishly pursue in my writing is selfish or not is up to you to judge, not me. My misanthropy is directed at the degenerate human collective. I care a great deal about many individuals.]
Back to the cover of Taboo You.
Samson was selfish since he slew thousands of Philistines, who had feelings and families. Not PC!
Samson finally realized that he was little, when he asked God to give him back his strength, to slay all those touchy, feelly, family oriented Philistines.
Samson was a misanthrope, since he only really cared about slaying Philistines and nailing hot chicks. Not bettering his fellow humans.
[I do not agree here. As the Philistines were not his fellow humans. The Dannites were his fellows, the Philistines his enemies. We must be careful not to assign our universalist notions of maximum moral human scale to people who did not even understand the concept. Killing enemies is not murder. Only killing members of your tribe is murder. The ten commandments, as with our founding national documents, are not understood well through our current twisted diction. This misuse of words has been planted within us by our masters who keep changing word meanings at a rapidly increasing rate to facilitate The Lie, and it is difficult to communicate with the dead through books for this reason.]
So my boiled down to nothingness takeaway from the cover of Taboo You is.....
Selfish: Put my needs first.
[Samson put the needs of his people first, which were in line with his massive ego and tried to defend a folk who did not want to defend themselves. Samson was not selfish but selfless. His nature, to nail hot babes and slaughter foes, are key aspects of the heroic, which is to say flawed, champion, who is potent where his collectivist, boot-licking fellows are impotent. Of course, if you do not put your survival needs first, by laying down with a whore assassin for instance, your ability to fight evil will be compromised.]
Little: Realize that I'm an insignificant speck in a vast universe, who's existence doesn't really matter.
[You are matter, so you matter. You are food, at least. The world is hungry. Delay the meal by staying in the wild and out of the feed pen and the slaughter yard, or back in the stockroom, or free and otherwise avoid being displayed in the muffin case at the coffee shop of fiends.]
Misanthrope: Despise my fellow humans as the cattle which they are and wish to be.
[I only despise the people who insists that I too kiss the blew ring, suck the ebon dong and otherwise decline to be human, but embrace domestication. Those who passively submit are to be pitied, for they are damned. I despise those who aspire to being meat-puppets and turn away from being human to embrace the lie called collective humanity, the herd. But those bullied along among their ranks are every soul a tragedy. The human has a soul. The human herd only has a collective soul and is comprised of animate corpses.]
It works for me!
For what it's worth, Merry Christmas, James. My best to you and yours.

Gil, thanks for this prompt.
I don't use standard human definitions much anymore as our very words have been used to lie for so long and in such depth and breadth that it makes our communication tough. Merry Christmas to you, too, Sir—and yours as well.

[PS from Gil who asked to receive e-copies of "blocked" shamdemic books]:
I'm honored again.
I just finished In The Shadow of Fright. Your train ride from Portland to Pittsburg. Another great book. I esp enjoyed the poetry and your description of the views. I'm glad someone else senses that feeling of dread from the approaching East. There must be something to traveling that touches our human psych.
I'm a reader who can place myself into a well written book. One of my few talents. Dunno if that's normal. I dont know any other readers.
But I'm getting a sense of melancholy from your book. It might of been your mindset as you wrote, it might of been my memory of cross country travels I have done or it might just be I turned 55 last week! Its a new experience for me. Not bad but different.
I read to feel. I can't afford to feel during everyday events. I'd lose it.
I still have a couple of more shamdemic books to read plus Lynn put up another 5-6 but I'm going to read some Harm City to cheer me up, first!
Actually reading Harm City is sorta comfortable in a old man's way. It's like hanging out at the neighborhood bar, swapping stories of our youth. Not that I experienced as much as you did. I just had a taste. That bus riding is something I rarely did.

Gil, in this series of roughly 20 books written as journals and dialogues this year, I have simply tried to convey what it is to be human in these trying times, so that once being human has finally been explicitly outlawed, some info-monk somewhere in the ether monastery of the ultra-orthodox machine might be informed, that creatures shaped like him were once human and had souls, and that they felt more than fear and that not every one of them was a simpering, obedient queer.
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