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‘In Satan’s Backyard’
Street Beefs MMA, Kickboxing and Boxing
© 2020 James LaFond
Last night, trying to get my mind right for fiction and history and assailed by the blather of the media spatter filtered through minds near and far, I looked for real meaning on video and found it.
Street Beefs is an upgrade of the gloves instead of guns boxing promotions that began in the 1980s as far as I know. I have really enjoyed many of these fights and the sportsmanship is of a much higher order than seen in any professional fighting.
They even had a fight that rotated rounds between MMA and boxing.
This seems to be set in the Carolinas, where Maryland promoters of boxing seek victims to pad the records of prospects. After watching 19 fights, I find the format to me liking.
Below hear the young guys cheering on the old guy.
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Wilhelm Savage     Dec 26, 2020

Hey James,

Longtime fan. I think I first came to your site for the combat advice and stayed for the REH literary critique. Or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, you are always my first stop on the ‘net.

I’ve been waiting for you to talk about Streetbeefs!

It’s like mother’s milk to me. It’s so authentically human somehow. I really appreciate the sportsmanship and honor-code behavior. The mixed-race, working class crowd is cool, and I find the impresario Scarface and main ref Wolverine to be ridiculously charismatic (it helps that they both fight as well). Some of the fighters’ names are fucking hilarious too: the old guy is “Bucket List”, one guy is “Corn Flake, the Cereal Killer”

It’s a funny comment on humanity that fisticuffs can bring forth such warmth and generosity of spirit.
    Dec 26, 2020

When I need a lift, I go to street beefs.
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