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Prequel 2017
2020 as a Fiction Exercise with Devil Dick and a Cracked Pot Named Slick
© 2021 James LaFond
Rarified Gaseous Envelope of the Sun and Other Stars
Written in 2017. I included the pdf (you can get it on the site too) and some screenshots of interest from the document concerning astronomy.
It seems the space capsule industry along with others pulled off a giant financial looting of nebula X-5. It also seems this has been planned for quite a while. Surprisingly the expected ending of this whole space adventure is people feeling some soreness after having been fucked over for a presidential term.
I suppose because voting for who's in charge of the spaceship truly is useless, and while they are cleaning themselves up for the next doggy style session, we can argue fruitlessly in a state of inaction.
-Devil Dick

Thanks for the PDF. I cannot read the screen shots, but did read a few pages on the website and scanned through the table of contents and read a few chapters.
Young man, I was being hunted like an animal across the two adjacent sectors of Shithole City Baltimore to north and east at the very same time these fiends were cooking up their shamdemic. I really do think that this site, which is quite bluntly a report from a shamdemic think tank, is an expression of the acolytes of one of our Social Steerage Cults. So I am appending this to my science-fiction plot suppositions.
Quite literally, this article belongs on the fiction page.
It is clear [discussing the year 2020 as a fictional exercises, that is, not saying that it was even a real year] now that deaths from other causes, like 51% of breast cancer deaths in 2020, have just been reassigned to one select cause in order to sow fear, a wave of dread that can be used to steer. Also, the choice to use a cold—which will never go away—instead of a flu, which have 2-year runs—as the fictional plot device, is a stroke of genius. As the cold becomes less deadly and spreads more, the wave of fear grows.
Are they keeping Philip K. Dicks brain alive in a saline vat?
Is it dreaming next to the brain of Kurt Vonnegut?
I sure hope so.
The 89 page document is headed by this prequel:
A Possible Future in 20
The thing that bothers me the most about the fiendish cabal of Hopkinites musing over the possibility of social control through communication keyed on an infectious disease outbreak, is that this very same Hospital has served as the main clearing house cited by the CuntNewNetwork and that I actually know someone involved in the program at a low level. When I met that person in April 2020, they were terrified. So the think tank conclusion, being quite public, was used to run a cloaked op, within which low level operatives were infected with the terror, shielding them from realizing that they were actually propagating deception.
I would like to point out that this medical organization has successfully colonized much of East Baltimore, is involved with extensive animal and human experimentation, including letting 2,000 mice infected with TB loose, has a network of underground tunnels, and has been pioneering private and public policing initiatives for some three decades. The words medical and security conjoined hideously in the very site designation is awful to behold. The existence of this place struck me as evil as I was walking over U.S. Route 40, in a raised hallway between the Prince Sayed Tower and the Bloomberg Building, checking on Megan after her heart operation. The place literally is a science-fiction setting come to cold life, within a single block of gutted row houses prowled by gangbangers and dope fiends.
It is not possible to live in Baltimore and not know someone who works in some way for Hopkins. The Peabody Library, where I did my initial historical research, is owned by this corporation. Is it any accident that it is the largest employer and most influential entity based in the single most violent mid-sized city in the nation?
Like every other science-fiction prediction that has come true, this one has also accelerated. It was supposed to begin in 2025, yet they triggered it in 2020. This fact, that they could not wait 4 years for the usurper to remove himself, and that world grain reserves were depleted by 10% in 2020 and that Europe has severely cut its grain exports and that cooling trends are becoming more obvious, to this crackpot, speaks of a sense of urgency among the social steerage cults. When the shepherd is obviously afraid and starts shooting his sheep dogs and inviting the wolves to come down from the mountains, then the sheep should take note.
For instance, the following part of the table of contents applies already in early 2021:
Chapter Seventeen: νаϲсіոe Injury.......59
Chapter Eighteen: Acknowledging Loss.........63
Chapter Nineteen: SPARS Aftermath........................66
I expect the need for a sequel, since this pre-release novel sold so unexpectedly well!
Devil Dick, once again, it’s been real, unreal and surreal.
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