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Saint Joseph who Abides
Clues on Avoiding the Tongue Bore Under the Second Puritan Protectorate
© 2021 James LaFond
“Hey James, I loved your appearance on Myth of the 20th century, and I’m enjoying your appearance on Rusty Vignettes. Hope you are doing well. I’m scared shitless about the Unbidden Admin, and I’m thinking a lot about the myth of the blood, as discussed by you and Nick. Take care, friend.”

Nice to hear from you, Dread-Pilled. I know that JamesLafond-I’ is not the place people normally come to get cheered up. But I see in your very rational apprehension a hope, particularly for people of an unauthorized mind.
You and I are thought criminals. We are apostates and do not worship at the altar of Sacred Governance. Conceptually it makes us, much like a 120-year old Jack London protagonist, “enemy of all the world.”
Look, all liberals believe that the government should point guns at people and make them suck dicks, get sex change operations, marry outside their kind, pray at the Altar of The Greater Good, and otherwise behave like hysterical mobs.
Likewise, all Conservatives, believe that the government should points guns at people and make them refrain from getting high, stop pre-marital sex, firebomb Muslims around the world and pillage the earth of its natural resources in the endless pursuit for lineal economic growth unleashed from cycles of poor and plenty.
These people are all just batteries charging the machine with their alternating currents.
There are certain cooks to the left of liberal and the right of conservative, who believe that government violence should be used for ideological and racial purification. After the Usurpation of the Ivory Throne by Orange Man, you and I were somehow lumped into the nutzed-up rightwing cook category. For four years our kind, actual right wingers or mistaken ones like me, were hunted far and wide, some just recently being convicted of Creep State crimes.
Interestingly, I had two experiences that point to Conservatives, who believe you and I should be executed by firing squad for our autonomous natures, are now the prime target for the lefties, who also believe that you and I should be killed for our nature.
The 2017 statue rally was a Creep State operation in which Bought-Right cooks were targeted and conservatives and liberals agreed it was good. It was just a clinic on what happened on January 6 in Mordor, a test run, just like 2015 Baltimore Purge, a DOJ Op, was a clinic on the Floyd Christ risings.
Interestingly, since many of my readers were Bought Right cooks, I was handled by a series of Creep State agents and also had four books banned.
Then, on election week, my agents all went away not to return and try and lead me into advocating armed insurrection or ethnic cleansing.
Likewise on January 7, my two once profitable banned books were released magically, from thought prison.
My thought is, that assholes like me who are actually the moral enemy of both Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative, hated by all, are now being left alone. Look, it is now a crime to have supported the Usurpation of the Ivory Throne in Mordor by Orange Man. There are only about 2 million government agents. There are only about 100k of us weirdos. There are over 100 million Orange Man supporters who need to be persecuted.
Bro, it sucked to be a deer in deer season.
It still sucks to be a deer, what with hunters outnumbering us.
But, guess what?
It’s elk season!
Now that Saint Joseph who Abides has liberated the Ivory Throne from its Orange taint, anyone who has admitted to a relative to have voted for the usurper, or who has advocated his crimes against humanity, can expect to be hunted to extinction. This means that for people like me, who just saw him as an asshole grifter climbing a dung heap and calling it Everest, emerging from a swamp and claiming a desire to drain it, that we are in the catbird seat.
This is why I have been telling conservative friends to switch to writing fiction and to never discuss politics with their family. I have a friend whose neighbor was just dragged away by the gestapo because family members reported having seen him on January 6 social media video in Mordor.
This is to the good.
Conservatives would have the gestapo shoot us in the head for the books we read. So let them be rounded up instead of us.
Let the bad times roll!
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Hulegu     Mar 7, 2021

Sorry. Cooks prepare your food with heat. Kooks destroy your civilization.
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