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Uprising Completed 3/1/2021
A Wendigo Short Novel
At 21,774 words over 124 pages. This is my first pure horror novel.
A Wendigo Short Novel
Copyright 2021 James LaFond
A Crackpot Book
Lynn Lockhart Print Publisher
Written For Pulp Fiction Renaissance, Richard Barrett Publisher
In 2031, as winter roars down out of Canada into the Lower 48, three hunters of “Olden Stripe,” Major Wolf, Ishmael Boone, and Punk City Coon, all join forces in one final attempt to grasp the vibrant threads of their violent youths amidst the stormy events gathering in the winter of their misbegotten lives.
Can three senior shithole citizens, a retired warfighter, a retired big game hunter and a retired ghetto assassin, fathom, let alone defeat, the savage uprising of primeval forces gathering in the backwoods of Southwestern Montana as the world turns on its human defilers?
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the world is our widow
by this axe!
masculine axis
logic of steel
the fighting edge

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