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A 100,000 Years of War
More Clues that the Stone Age was not an Academic Group Hug
Let me tell you of the days of high adventure.

It has long been known that Neanderthals lived for hundreds of thousands of years in Europe, as its specialized children, and that they were replaced in a breif window of time, between 40,000 and 30,000 years ago. The typical academic idea is that superior big brains showed up and said, "We are perfect and you suck, so stop breeding and go away," and like that, like God, with a word, modern man replaced Neanderthals.
There are some problems with this, namely that Neanderthals had much bigger barins and they were the smarter ones. Their simpler tools, pefectly suited for their pysiology and habitat, weigh against them in the lineal hockey-stick graph brain of the modern human academic mushroom, so we are told that all the extra brain served no purpose.
Larger brains are useful for cooling in hot climes. The Neanderthal lived in the coldest areas. Other facts include:
-Neanderthals were 4-times stronger
-Neanderthals coud not throw efficiently
-Lack of missile technology would prevent develpment of the bow and arrow, which would have been a perfect neanderthal weapon
-Neanderthals did not domesticate animals
-All Neanderthal DNA remaining in our genome is male, meaning that their men raped modern women and that the modern men permitted these half-breeds to survive
-Neanderthal eradicated modern inroads into Europe and the Middle East until 40,000 years ago when the tied abruptly turned.
What happened around 40,000 years ago?
-Evidence for bow and arrow tech does not show up until 20,000 years ago
-Spear throwers had already been in use and had not proved decisive against the hand-held weapons of the Neanderthal, most likely because they fought at night, having large eyes
-The wolf was domesticated at almost exactly 40,000 years ago [1], nullifying the night-fighting supremacy of the Neanderthal
-Modern language improved, and language was a weakness of the Neanderthals who had a small vocal range
The morons in the attached article try to suggest that Neanderthal were incapable of adapting to the increased cold when they were literal creatures of the Ice Age, who had thrived through numerous ice ages and interglacial periods.
If we look at the eradication of the Native American, who was in every way a superior warrior to his enemy, we see a key analogue to the Neanderthal-Modern human interaction, the half-breed. Neanderthal babes were obviously not as attractive—and besides, how could you rape a woman thrice your strength?
I would suggest that half-breed children birthed by raped modern women would be permitted to survive to serve as scouts against their father's people, just as happened in North America.
100,000 years of conflict must leave a deep impression. For this reason, this reader suspects that Humbaba the forest demon of the Near East, Grendel and his cave-dwelling mother of Europe and the Wendigo of North American folklore, as well as werewolf, Sasquatch and Yeti lore, all the way down to such stories as Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hide and King Kong represent collective psychological processing of this foundational aspect of the Eurasian experience.
-1. My young colleague, author of Hounds of Aryas, Marcus Casca, during the mid-point of the composition of this present volume Beasts of Aryas, was working from now outdated standard sourcing of 16,000 years ago for first dog domestication when he advised me that my theory that dogs were the key to Neanderthal extinction was impossible by 14,000 years. Like many things in archeology, like resistance to notions of prehistoric war based in the fact that no two combatants have been found baked in volcanic lava while in fighting postures, an extreme reluctance to notions of antiquity among academics continues to retard understanding of the past. However, noting the advantages of each species, only the dog could explain how the moderns prevailed. Also, there is no reason that a breed of wolf might have been bred to eradicate Neanderthal and have left no descendants, as species go extinct regularly on Planet Earth. Also, the range were dogs are known to have been first domesticated is within the Neanderthal homeland, not outside of it.
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ShepMar 19, 2021

James, as usual, you raise some new and creative points that sedentary academics would never come up with. The idea of doggos nullifying the 'Tal's night vision and the concept of half-breed scouts are, as the kids say - money!

I hope Marcus Casca reads this post and perhaps revises his dog domestication timeline.
Jeremy BenthamMar 23, 2021

A spokesman for the Neanderthal community insisted that any sexual relationships between its members and females of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens species were entirely consensual.

Any contrary allegations just serve to promote racist "caveman" stereotypes.

The spokesman also announced that the Neanderthal community intended to sue the governments representing the collective descendants of ancient modern humans for reparations for making the Neanderthal species extinct.

All humans extant who posses Neanderthal genes should be eligible to receive said compensation. With accrued interest, of course.
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