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Rampage Culture
The Crackpot and the Abominable Snow Man Discuss the Feral Cracker Rising
Clean up in aisle 12!
Sat, Mar 20, 2:09 PM (19 hours ago)
Homeboy shot and killed a guy INSIDE the WINCO grocery store. Blasted him, then carjacked a bitch in the parking lot to make his escape. They caught him a couple days later. I just had to look him up on the county jail website, and goddamn, it was a WHITEBOY too! Anyway, I wanted to apprise you of the local grocery news here. They need to come up with a νаϲсіոe for bullets, if ya ask me.
Your favorite grocery driver,
-Yeti Waters

Cool. I love that store.
While most of America regard Wakandan's as innocent victims of pale oppression incapable of violence or crime, certain writers such as Jared Taylor and Jeremy Bentham have pointed out that Wakandan males, at 6% of the population conduct 56% of the homicides, that they are involved in interracial violence at a 40-1 rate [the exact finding in my violence survey in Baltimore circa 201] compared to pales and a 25-1 rate with firearms. My favorite stat was that in 2013 interracial pale-ebon rape was 13,000-to-7 in favor of ebons!
More big brains then piled on and noted that it is a genetic predisposition for violence that accounts for the extreme aggression among African Americans, with staunch claims that no environmental influences shape aggression in humans, which, as a boxing and stick-fighting coach, strikes me as rediculous.
I have always objected to this notion that African is the premier incubator of aggression in humans, as Africans have only ever conquered a single nation, Haiti in modern times, and Egypt only once in ancient times. Also, Africa, historically, was never as violent as Europe was, with no wars claiming tens of millions, and their bloodiest wars involving Caucasians. Furthermore, Africans I have known in America are far less violent than their indigenous American counterparts, who look very different as well, being mixed. So I was left wondering if there was something bad about mixing Africans, who have never invaded outside of their home continent, with Europeans, who at one point have conquered or bullied into submission every nation on earth. Were my light chocolate neighbors in Baltimore a kind of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hide?
I have long made the case that African Americans have such high rates of violence—with most of it targeting themselves—because of two reasons, that they have been couped up in hellish American cities and that they have long been indoctrianted by schools and media into a belief that they have no free will, no agency, that they are mere objects of the cruel desires of those powerful ghost people who run the world, and that they lash out—that they must submit to the directives of the "experts."
Note that the great criminal rampages of the 1930s were all paleface bandits. It was Boney and Clyde, not Beyonce and Clarence.
Also keep in mind, that the brutal policce departments now famous for oppressing Wakandans were founded to beat the shit out of caucasian laborers and were descended from cracker catching gaolers. Have you ever wondered why 99% of American history from 1865-1913 is focused on the 1/2 of 1% of Americans that lived west of the Mississippi?
Do you wonder—ever—why nothing of interest seems to have happned in the America where almost all of us lived for its most formative 58 years?
Maybe it is because American cities were caucasian shitholes.
In any case, I am interested to see the much more common violence conducted by feral palefaces—often in immitation of their Wakandan betters—since all of America has been shut into close confinement of the kind suffered by the urban underclass all along. On the train trip from the Pacific Northwest, down through California and east to Shitholia Pennsylvania, I noticed vast tent cities, and almost all of the occupants were feral palefaces—a great army of opiated retribution in waiting. Only a handful were Asian, and the occasional Bantu looked like a pepper flake on a steaming pile of rice. I am looking forward to a future in which tens of millions of feral palefaces live in tent cities across this illgotten land and form barbarian tribes and bandit clans who will eventually burn these cities to the ground as the afront to our ancestry that they are.
Thanks Big Man—I hope the pale crime wave keeps trending up—it's like seeing a mummy brought back to life.
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black & pale
logic of force
Jeremy BenthamMar 24, 2021

“Few topics in the social sciences have been studied more exhaustively since the 1960s than why blacks get in trouble so much more than other races. There are huge incentives for researchers to find a way to blame racism, but the statistics have never quite panned out.”

- Steve Sailer 08/07/2019

Like the man said, if your children look like you, that's nature; if they look like your neighbor, that's environment. But seriously folks, it's the never-ending 'nature versus nurture' argument, isn't it? Which has more influence on the behavior, and the success or failure, of the individual, nature (genetics) or the environment they grew up in? For example it is a matter of fact that blacks have higher per capita rates of mental illness than either whites or Asians and most blacks live in inner city ‘ghettos’. So the question that arises is does ghetto life make black people crazy or is it all the crazy black people living there that make ghetto life crazy?

Logically both genetics and the environment must have an influence on how an individual develops and whether he becomes a success or failure at the game of life. How much influence each has can perhaps never be precisely determined? Nevertheless it has become evident that genetics plays a much greater role in the outcomes for individuals than most of us members of a putatively liberal egalitarian society such as America like to believe is possible. For example, things like intelligence and even political disposition tend to be inborn (See Anonymous Conservative and Dissecting Leftism BlogSpot) and therefore largely immutable.

It is people and their individual choices who make a culture what it is. The disproportionate criminality of blacks in 21st Century America, as well as other western countries like the UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa is a matter of statistical fact. The fact that this criminal behavior is being inappropriately tolerated by the authorities in all those countries is making it increase by bounds. By contrast the white country of Iceland is one of the most crime free countries in the world today. A thousand years ago it was an incredibly violent place according to that body of literature known as the ‘Icelandic Sagas’. What happened to all the violent Icelanders in the past millennium? What turned Iceland peaceful?

Has Sub-Saharan Africa ever been a peaceful place? We have little basis to judge what is was like before contact with European explorers, but given more recent examples like Rwanda, Burundi, Liberia, Sierra Leon and others, there is abundant reason to doubt so. If whites are to be regarded as more violent just because they achieved greater results on a macro level, that is simply paying complement to the greater effectiveness demonstrated by the white race in endeavors both warlike and peaceful.
Jeremy BenthamMar 24, 2021

Oh and thanks much James, for mentioning me in the same company as Jared Taylor. For a better perspective on Mr. Taylor’s advocacy for American whites, I suggest reading his essay “What I like about Blacks” “One of the great, historic frustrations of liberalism is the failure of blacks to behave like whites, no matter how many role models we set up, laws we pass, racial preferences we hand out, or welfare programs we pay for. Blacks are not going to change, so we have to treat with them as they are. And just as the blacks of the Tenderloin saw me as a source of fun–as a potentially amusing fellow human being–we should make the most of their good qualities.”

As with Mr. Taylor most of my interactions with blacks have been cordial, nevertheless I understand that that will buy me no love or mercy from the inner city dindu reparations recovery agents. Right now I live in a whitetopia where even the black residents hold doors open for you. Just like the native ‘Midwestern nice’ white folks. Thanks to your chronicles of the passing American scene, James, I realize that this state of affairs cannot long endure. So I’m enjoying it will it lasts. But fear not James, I am fairly certain that as our society becomes more chaotic, more and more whites will revert to their atavistic, violent past, in small conflicts and large. I don' think you will be disappointed.
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