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Stalked in Baltimore
The Hunted Crackpot Video Archived on Rumble
A few years ago a close friend of mine interviewed me about scenes of aggression by Wakandan Underlords upon my pasty ass and has dug these out of his video archive.
These were videod in the area I lived in while a BPD chopper hunted for the accomplice of an underlord who pointed an empty shotgun at a PIG while exiting a 7-11 he had robbed. The videos were shot in early Autumn 2017, 2-3 months before two men tried to mug me on the side street of Glenoak appearing in the third video.
I am dressed in the hat and 30+ year old coat that I had been wearing in that rea for years, in the exact attire I was wearing when accosted by two different pairs of strong-armed robber on the first or second Monday night of December 2017, 1 month after this video was taken, the event that convinced me to quit working at night and running the Bantu gauntlet. In February 2018, Erique and I took that coat out into Sensei Steve's back yard and hung it over cardboard and used it for an archery target.
In this video we are parked on Walther Blvd., looking at White Avenue, the street I lived on three blocks to the left, which I named Caucasian Avenue in my writing at the time. The quarry I mention is the cliff face over U.S. Route #1 [Belair road in Baltimore] that prevented any east-west road from White Avenue until the other side of the large school in the distance on the right, where Glenmore crosses Walther, being engineered. During the 2015 Riots, when 5 warriors with bat, gas can, grill lighter and smartphone, came up White Avenue to the right on this video to do whatever peacekeeping mission had been assigned them by the DOJ, my friend RJ stopped them with a handgun. RJ would be beaten to death by the BPD a few years later, less than a year after this video was taken in 2017, for the crime of backtalking in custody.
This is also the spot were Eddie Murphy and Arsinio Hall tried to take my Umbrella in July 2017. The Cracker and Pepper team that tried to mug me on the first Monday night of December would try it 1-1/2 blocks down Glenoak'. The bus that stopped here at 10:15 P.M. typically carried 25-30 young working men home from their evening jobs in Towson to the lower income Essex area in 2010 when I began using this bus stop. By the time this video was taken I was the only occupant of the bus, with my younger and darker fellow travelers all having been hunted to extinction by their co-racial predators. Hence, old and stringy as I was, I became the only item left on the menu.
Below is a review of four combat and survival books. This guy knows what he is talking about, he has been harassed and curbed and pulled over and threatened by dozens of PIGs, with both him and I each having more police harassment experience than any three African Americans I know. He also fought off two younger larger attackers about a year and a half ago. He recently told me, as a horror movie fan, "We always thought that this would become a zombie apocalypse. But we never thought that if we defended ourselves against the zombies that cops in military gear would swoop in to rescue the zombies!" :
Halloween reminiscing of Baltimore Kong at dawn:

Below, my longtime friend, rolls out some video channels where he reviews comics and also covers urban blight.

Odysee: :5

[I really do not like this gatewaypundit, Cuckmenistan Site, in which supposed men complain like African American women of the 1950s or gay stoner hippies of the 1970s. Talk about colonization of the Aryan mind—we have become crybaby victims in our own eyes, pining for Good God Government to protect us from others. Welcome to Planet Fagattron.]
This happened as I traveled back east on a beautiful day.
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