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When it Knows What It Is
Mom, please, if you got this far, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO!
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BanjoMar 28, 2021

Bravo! We have entered the....PUSSENING!

The circle of vag is completing. The effects of feminism are bringing women back to their proper state of subjugation and they are clam-or-ing for it. I see the panic rising in the hollow eyes of the the over 35 set in my area. That look that they are realizing they were tricked into thinking they have unlimited time. I hear randoms talking about having panic attacks regularly. Deep down they know why. Botox ain't gonna save you sugar. Be better, be useful or be gone because supply has crested and demand for split-tail is waning.
BryceMar 27, 2021

Thanks James et al, that really brightened my day. Here I was worrying about these effeminate gun grabbers and ankle-biters but you reminded me that Ragnarok is soon, like Rome 420 AD or the collapse of the late Bronze age in 1177 BC.

My wife calls me the "pit bull." As you know, I hate the breed, but this must mean she's sticking with me.

Our cars are 10 years old and dented. Brother kidnapper, can you spare a dime?
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