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Writing in Mordor
Spring Posting
I have been back in Mordor, ducking the all-seeing eye of the Cuck Lords and am looking to a hectic travel schedule, which shall include breaking various state laws, cruising in Incognegro's van to historical sites for hobo history recordings and hopefully training with the handful of men who continue to obey their soul rather than the bitch-system that owns our economic bodies.
I have worked out a writing and posting system with Lynn.
I will post what I can on Friday thru Sunday.
While I am trying to complete books on Monday thru Thursday, Lynn will do one post per-day from the archives I send her.
On the three weekend days my first priority will be writing Q & A articles out of the email box. If Monday rolls around and I have not addressed your concern sent to my email, I will get to it on Friday.
I do not read, and therefore do not answer, comments on the site—ever. The comment function is a courtesy extended from the webmaster to the readers against my wishes, which means he is probably right and I am probably wrong.
Thanks to Lynn for her help and to you for your tolerant support.
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Glasgow NedMar 29, 2021

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