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Unwitting Turds of Humanity
Don Quotays Cues the Crackpot on Matt Bracken and the Military Traitor Elite
From a post on gab. Mr. Bracken's views are well known, so no one is being outed for badthink.  You and he are in the same book, if not on the same page, as to coming attractions.
Don Quotays

Matthew Bracken
America's Military Traitor Elite
“What's happening within the top leadership of our military is sabotage by knowing traitors and unwitting useful idiots. The rest of "the brass" are cowards who are counting down their days until retirement. Only the percentages of each category are up for debate.
Among the witting traitors, their mutual goal is to render the U.S. military combat ineffective vs. China, Russia and Iran, who will each attack their regional targets in the same month, in order to maximize their combined effect and minimize the potential U.S. response.
The unstated but very clear intention of these traitors is to destroy the USA as a global military superpower, which they believe is the last obstacle on their long-planned road to globalism, aka Communism 2.0, aka "The Great Reset." 
One clear proof of this intention is that even after the Fitzgerald and McCain collisions, their very highest priority, now undertaken with feverish urgency, is placing "woke" sycophants in critical leadership positions—merit and competence be damned.
If U.S. warships and overseas military bases are destroyed in conventional missile attacks, so much the better, from the perspective of these elite traitors. The installed globalist puppets Biden and Harris will declare the military actions undertaken by China, Russia and Iran to be faits accomplis, and they will urge Americans to accept the new global order.
Thereafter, the U.S. military will only need to be powerful enough to suppress and purge conservative nationalist patriots at home, performing this mission as their globalist duty. 
For this purpose, a military comprised of "woke" radicals, anti-white angry minorities and sexual deviants will be perfectly suited. They will conduct the purge of conservatives (aka "white racist domestic extremists") with self-righteous fury.
This is the unspoken and unwritten game plan of our traitor elites, but it is very real nonetheless.  It will result in a full-blown civil war, which will resemble the financial collapse of Weimar Germany atop the breakup of Yugoslavia and the race war in Rwanda.  How long this civil war will last and how it will end is anybody's guess.” 

Don, I doubt very much if Russia, China and Iran are cooperating to the level suggested here. They are certainly cooperating at some level, as second tier powers always do when chafing under the boot of a first tier power. The commentator is certainly astute, but has still bought the lie that American Global Military Dominance was ever about the good of American citizens.
An American could only fall for the idea of a “Traitor Elite” if he did not know the true history of this nation, as a plantation system that killed between 2-3 million poor European kids, replaced them with 350,000 Africans bred up into 8 million, and then denied that the mass class genocide of orphans was conducted over 200 years and claimed that it had happened to their replacements from Africa instead!
How can the elites of a system developed to exploit, kill and negate their underclass, be called traitors for exploiting, killing and negating their underclass? They are showing rock solid class solidarity and flushing us turds of humanity down the very toilet designed for our swift evacuation.
The entire global U.S. Military process was coordinated with offshoring of our jobs, bringing in replacement populations and fighting wars of use only to the elites against the very savage regimes that America put in place. The dictators of Panama, Iraq and Libya were U.S. Puppets that were used until their handlers decided to change the rules of the game and discard them. The Vietnamese were never going to storm Miami, and never posed the danger to us that our own elites always have. Somali warlords were attacked only to cause a refugee problem solvable only by pumping Somalis into the cities of the American heartland. The heroes of Black Hawk Down died so that a half-dozen American cities could be given to Somalis.
The beauty of the false polarity of American Liberal-Conservative politics, is that both sides serve the system, with the assholes screaming for more slaughter by American arms oversees to defend our shores from invaders who then become invitees, building a machine so powerful, that faggots, homos and POCs will be able to use it to terrorize us.
There will be no full-blown civil war as Bracken assumes, because all of the Caucasian warriors that heroically snipe and dawn-raid across the world against iron age warlords with Kalishnakovs, will be more than willing to round Matt and this old Hobo up and put a bullet in our brain for no other reason than to collect their pension. America is an entirely mercenary culture. Just like cops have always been willing to make sure I am disarmed among their Bantu allies in Baltimore and were ever ready to swoop in to the defense of the heavenly hued paramilitaries when they failed to snuff me, it will be a white soldier for democracy, sworn to defend this godless government against “all enemies, foreign and domestic,” that will be disarming, detaining and murdering the Unwoke across this shit-stain nation.
I am hoping that things go rough enough for all comers in the final Scramble For Africa that tens of millions of Nigerians and other actual human beings will be shipped into America to replace the dithering meat puppets that worship the very mechanics of human extinction represented most totally by Murica.
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