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Old Bitchez Too!
Rocky Mountain Pigs Brutalizing Guilty Ghost Wench
© 2021 James LaFond
Look, people have been telling me that I am a creep for not backing the blew and that I'm a cook for predicting since 2011 that PIGs, nation wide, would soon be tasked with randomly kicking the shit out of white folks the way they've been messing with black folks for my entire life.
PIGs have only ever had the purpose of waging a war of terror on the laboring population of whatever nation they stand with their polished boots on its neck. History by omission, whereby innocent crackers have never been brutalized by PIGs and whereby innocent blacks have never been targeted, keeps us all slaves of the police state. We live in a nation of idiot ¤▓unts who believe two dueling lies about our masters and their blue-suited thugs.
I have spent some time in Loveland Colorado. It is a suburb north of Denver. There is no need for police there. One sheriff and a deputy should do.
Cops have always been and will always be the enemy of all human souls, in service to our hate farmers. My 28-plus experiences in 38 years of being harassed and chased and threatened by PIGs for the crimes of being white and on foot in a black city and for not helping cops steal from my employer, and for committing the greatest crime a cracker can ever commit in the CUNT STATES of Murica—defending myself against a black man—leave me with the sure knowledge, that cops are the enemies of humanity and an abomination before God.
Thanks to Mister Grey for these video links.
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Andrew Metzger     May 5, 2021

Jesus Christ they're attacking white people now. Cops are off the chain.
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