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Fighting with a Butcher Knife
Michael Collins Queries the Crackpot from His Chinese Exile
© 2021 James LaFond
[The Crackpot's comments are in brackets.]
The butcher knife is the easiest blade to obtain in almost any country, second probably being the machete. My concern with the butchers knife is that there is no hand guard. If you stab someone with a thrust with the butchers knife is there a good chance you will cut your hand? How might one limit this?
[Michael, the two most important things about the butcher knife is that it is full tang and that it has not been sharpened so much that it has lost its beard. I do not know what knife nerds call the portion of the blade which has its back to your forefinger, so I will call it a beard. A kitchen butcher knife or new commercial butcher knife has this. However, once used for years and sharpened often, the commercial butcher knife becomes needle-like and loses this purchase point.
[So long as the knife has this beard and you maintain pressure with the forefinger in the standard grip or with the pinkie finger in an ice-pick grip, your hand should not slide onto the blade along the edge, and if it does along the spine it will not go far or get cut. At the sandbar fight, James Bowie was run through with a sword and he grabbed the bastard that did it and ran him through with his butcher knife, which had not yet been fitted with a hand guard, and he twisted that butcher knife “until I heard his heart-strings sing.”
[Carry two butcher knives, one for each hand, and practice using one in the true grip and one in the ice-pick grip. The ice-pick grip knife should be in the left hand, which should be refused with your right foot and hand forward and the spine of the butcher knife resting against your forearm so that you can block.]

Side note. You might find this interesting. Where I am in China there is basically zero serious police presence. Most cops are unarmed old men who aren't even cops but guards who drink tea and chain smoke all day. They don't bother you at all, unless they want to take a picture with a white monkey to show their kids. Being in this small town in china, I can carry basically any knife I want to that is concealable. I even see chinese people practicing sword martial arts in public.
[For most of my life I was harassed by heavily armed goon cops and on at least five occasions was stopped or questioned about training in public parks by cops. This idea that America has some unique freedom is bound up in the false notion of freedom—the word is corrupt to begin with. The American idea of policing is based on the absolute ban on self-defense. I was watching Gunsight training sessions with gun gurus from gun magazines on an outdoors channel the other night and these AR-15 fetishists constantly use the fantasy terms “good guys” and “bad guys” in a cartoonish way and must remind the viewers that you must call 911 before deploying a weapon to defend yourself in the deepest portion of your home!
[Bitchlords of Cuckmenistan!
[This good guy-bad guy bullshit combines with the fact that we are totally materialistic and that only damage to the body is regarded as aggression to insure that the victor is usually the bad guy. Note that sword carry is banned in most U.S. States and that it is not a military weapon of effect, but an antique that has a primary use of enabling a lone man to defend himself against multiple unarmed thugs. I am sure that a ban on sword carry [and sheath knives] in this nation will be upon investigation found to have come into being at about the time that police forces were created—these being gangs of thugs hired to beat up individuals.]
China in many ways is more free than america.
[Reality is not something Americans can accept and we will continue to fantasize that we are the most free when we have the largest per-capita prison population in the world, have the most litigious culture and use solitary confinement more than all other nations combined. America is quick becoming a psychodelic gulag, so I suggest you stay in Asia.]
You can smoke cigs practically anywhere you want. I have seen people smoking in malls or starbucks. The chinese see laws as more of a suggestion. And mask wearing in tier 2 or tier 3 cities is basically voluntary. Even the child limitation policy has work arounds. Though most chinese don't want lots of kids. In so many ways I feel freer in the middle kingdom than I do in plantation America. Interestingly enough, a few days ago a mexican american killed someone in my city over some homosexual love affair. kind of odd. So violence does happen here. And there are the school knifings and child kidnappings. 
During 2020 with the riots, some mexican kids verbally harrassed me in their car in Thousand Oaks CA, a peaceful suburban city in CA. I started carrying 2 knives from home depot the size of butcher knifes. But I eventually stopped because of fear of the pigs. I really agree with you concerning a tool belt and hammers. A good steel hammer is a great tool. When I lived in my van I had a hammer and a ww2 bayonet my grandfather gave me. Thank goodness I never got caught with the bayonet because I would be in jail. Stupid of me to carry it in my car.
[In The People's Republic of Maryland any fixed blade carried in a sheathe is against the law. These laws are vestiges of the banning of swords by men who did not want to be rolled over by gangs of thugs or billy-club wielding PIGs. When considering laws, most Americans—being born and inducted mind slaves—are in the habit of judging weather or not they could beat the charges in court, not considering that they might spend days, weeks or months locked up awaiting trial and not caring that they will be beaten, kneed, cuffed and humiliated by the PIGs.
[My boss, Gary once got arrested for having a case cutter in his back pocket. The PIG saw it there because Gary sat on a milk crate working the bottom shelf with the cutter in his jean pocket and it was obvious as he walked into Tom's bar. Of course, the Court Commissioner threw it out on Monday. However, Gary lost two nights pay, used half of his four annual absences before getting fired (That was the UFC Local 27 rule, miss four times a year for any reason and you were on suspension awaiting termination.) In Plantation America, winning in court and being released from bondage erases the taint of being bound and enslaved. That is why we are a slave society and the headquarters for the global police station, because we are the slaves that claim we are free. When we are locked up it is thought a mistake or misfortune, rather than the evil it is, and when we are released we think we are free, when we can be rounded up again at any time. Until every American who the PIGs try to arrest fights to the death, we will never by free.]
Also working in china has made me really reflect on the indentured slavery of plantation america. In many ways I am a house ոigger here but I rather be a house ոigger. I am working on getting my chinese green card. It's funny because I see the green card like my "freedom papers" 
[Aliens in many slave societies, such as in 4th Century B.C. Athens, and in 1640s Plantation Virginia where West Indian Negroes bought and sold Englishmen, have enjoyed set-aside status and been able to thrive. Aristotle was not an Athenian, but a resident alien. I found my ghost status in majority black areas in Baltimore gave me special status as well—except for the cops who hated me for being white and gave me shit. As many times as I was attacked by blacks, I was targeted less often then blacks who shared my low social status. Of the 25-young black men and me who took the bus from Towson to Essex between 10-11 PM in June 2015, I was the last to be hunted to extinction, with every black man on that bus rubbed out by our black hunters before they were finally forced through scarcity if game to hunt me in December of 2017. I suppose I should call that my former white privilege.]
I hope your eyes feel better!
Take care,
-Michael Collins

Thanks, Michael.
I think that writing those 37 books last year really stressed my eyes. Writing more than 3 chapters a day has been blowing my right eye up—so I suppose I'm enjoying the crest of terminal decline. I have been resting my eyes and limiting my output lately. I suspect the 5,000 10,000 word writing days are now behind me. 2,000 words seems to be doable without bringing on a seizure. We've all got to warm the bench of strife at some time, I suppose.]
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