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Fake Blax and Fake Bitches!
Mother Interior Showers the Crackpot with Proof that The Khan is Right about Everything: Dateline 3/7/21
Blind auditions increased the number of women hired! Those sexist pigs!
July 16, 2020, To Make Orchestras More Diverse, End Blind Auditions by Anthony Tommisina
This is a little more complicated than I thought. They are talking about the Yale Law School Journal, which is different from the Law School. In any case, there simply aren't enough talented blax to meet the demands of prestigious institutions and corporations.
2/25/21, Morning Beacon, Yale Law Students Said a Top Journal Was Racist. Admissions Data Suggest Otherwise
[Note the cucked language above in the headline, with "suggest" inserted to soften the clear refutation of the baseless charge. There is however truth in it, as people are being admitted based on race rather than merit. Thus are we inoculated to reality so that we might live as meaty cartoons.]

Look, everything goes better with tits and ass. The late Colonel Emperor of Libya had the right idea by hiring hot Russian spy bitches as his distaff bodyguard—on days he is not being killed, he can be “killin’ it.”
It is a precept of the Machete Virus science-fiction setting, that fakeness will soon cover the remnants of toxic Western Civilization to the point where reality is no longer recoverable by people with triple digit IQs.
It is my opinion, that the blax being elevated to positions of power is necessary to keep things running. For instance. When Epspleen was jailed, all the ivories I knew spoke of how he would end up in France like Roman Polanski, beyond the reach of law, and the ebonies I knew just blurted, ‘Oh, dat nigga dead!”
The next day, he was dead.
Last, night, Andrew Webstar Metzger rescued me from the dainty clutches of this Korean hooker…”you are Korean, right, Baby?”
Okay, nationality still undetermined. I think her nation of origin is “What eva yo wan, Real Man!”
In any case, as Andrew and I watched a documentary on the various LA riots, the ivories were all shocked and dismayed or pie-in-the-sky about it never happening again, and one old ebony dude, lacking the college credentials necessary to step fully into delusion said, “I don’ tink it eva gonna stop.”
The politicians, soldiers, the president and all his men and the many babbling bimbos in the media and halls of hallowed academia, were all wrong, and that negro was right.
Since the American education system seems to be uniquely calibrated to brainwash and delude the ghostly mind, it only makes sense that the people left behind by that system are the only ones suspicious, of let’s say, an untested vaccine.
All of the boomer faggots I know in the east are pining and whining and begging for a totally untested cure to a disease which kills no more than 1 in a thousand and infects less than 10% of the world population. One of my friends took his boomer dad to get a vaccine at a ghetto health clinic in an all blick neighborhood and he told me that everybody going to get the vaccine was a shuffling ghost boomer, a pale cipher of the system.
For this reason, just as I would prefer an orchestra of females playing in bikinis and sarongs that could not hit every note just so like some queer genius, I prefer a world ruled by the rational 80 IQ instead of the completely deluded 100 IQ.
The return of knighthood is nigh!
Or should we spell that nighthood?
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