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Rise of the Young Gods
'Estimate, Correct, Adjust, Extrapolate' :The Fake Calculus of the Brovid Jiveteen Faxsheen and the Chocolate Jock Regicide:
© 2021 James LaFond
Basically, they get a few positive tests for the flu and extrapolate to 10s of thousands of cases. This year, covid has forced this number to zero because there are virtually no respiratory cases that are not classified as covid, so the number reported is simply the positive tests without the extrapolation.
Yo, Marvin Haggler got the vaxx and went into the ICU and he's dead. Tommy put out the word that “'the Champ” was fighting for his life against the vaxx. Leon Spinks passed from this shit too—just like Hank Aaron!”
-Mister Grey

The smartest people in the world, backed by the biggest drug pushing companies, indemnified by most of the world's governments from civil damages, are selling something.
Aunt Karen, Mommy Queerest and your Bitch on Wheels can't wait to get the wonder drug, five of which seem to have been developed virtually over night to combat the only shamdemic in human history. Medieval Europe survived 30-90% population losses from the plague. Post Modern America shudders at the possibility of 1 in 1,000 losses from the shamdemic, with as many as a 75% of these numbers borrowed from other causes of death which have miraculously plummeted, such as breast cancer deaths down 51% and the flu, which for the first time in medical history killed no one in an entire year, out of near 8 billion folks.
Interestingly, any time that stupid ghost bitches think something is a good idea, the wisdom of the Bantu proletariat tends to see reality rather than the magician's hand waving over his hat.
When Pimpman Epshleen was taken into custody almost every big-brained ghost conspiracist was predicting his escape to France or Latter Day Judea. The brothers I talked to were like, “Oh, dat nigga dead!”
Sure enough, the next day a man in a suit gave $20 to the two prison guards watching Pimpman Epshleen and told them to go get a Slurpee at the 7-Eleven and they did. These people of color have been used as scapegoats and fired and no one is even curious about the sinister ghost man who commanded them.
Why are ghost folks so stupid?
Because, ghost Americans are idiots that come pre-brain washed to believe in such utopian fantasies as rights, the greater good, that our government rulers are our servants and that the policeman is our friend.
We are morons.
In this light I think that we are witnessing more than a massive money grab by Big Mama Farma. As an avid science fiction reader and writer I would like to point out that except for space travel, which our governments and elites are dedicated to preventing, everything predicted by science fiction writers of the late 20th century, has come to pass or is in the works.
Cloning is happening and AI upload is in the works if hopefully far off or never to occur. Rich assholes do use helicopters for private travel to and from their homes in California, Utah and Colorado. So why wouldn't our power-mad, Young Gods, such as Brill Yates, Heff Brazos and other infotech moguls use mad scientists to make syrom?
One of the first things that atheistic super elites are going to want from science is immortality. The Vampire romance craze in the late 20th century was all about this. Poul Anderson's Boat of a Million Years speaks to this. There are two things that the new Gods want from medicine:
-1. a boost to their immune system that will permit the body to counter attack any disease without causing auto-immune problems which will be dicey to develop. Fucking around with this could trigger the body to attack itself like with rheumatoid arthritis, which comes in 198 varieties last I checked.
-2. a technology that will stop cellular oxidation among the “faxinated,” the elite, the immortal—the Young Gods. This would stop aging and cancer.
Such immortality quests will take the forms of sacrifice, human sacrifice.
SS Sam, from his compound in Chile sent me the following, in reference to my assertion that Aztec myth is returning and that we will be euthanized in mass for the Higher Good:
“As per your post of the other day”
It is well known that Gods like to dine upon mortal royalty and they have recently sacrificed three of our chocolate jock kings. The woke cuckservative only sees money, so sees the phony faxsheen scam as a money grab. The conspiracy theorist sees only a power grab. However, the Bantu knows instinctively that government and Big Mama Farma do not have his best interest at heart. The crackpot sees the money grab, the power grab and the instinctive predation of the master class. Really, would you expect a shepherd not to sheer, dock or slaughter his sheep?
Over the ages our masters have woven the links in the duplicitous fence caging our minds and preying on our souls. However, I also see the science-fiction angle: immortality.
The CDC article that Lynn sent me above shows all of the fake math, the four phony components of the fraudulent “model” for divining a number. This is as phony as the false models that predicted runaway global warming 10-30 years ago even as every astronomer and planetary scientist knew that we would be entered a prolonged solar cooling cycle in 2020. The planet began cooling in 2005. This year, for the first time in memory, Route #15 in Utah was closed for snow—only a week before the first day of spring. Some mountain passes in the west have been staying choked with snow until late July and getting snowed in again in September, in the Lower 48. Yet we stupid ghosts believe our masters when they say that burning stuff down here is overheating the planet and that the sun has little effect on our weather, that we make our weather. Even a plant is not that stupid. Every tree reaches for the sun—knows where earthly warmth comes from.
Modern people are actually less intelligent than trees.
These false beliefs based on spoon-fed lies, I think, are linked. Global warming, gave way to “climate change” and is now being re-branded as “climate crisis.” Grand Solar Minimum sun cycles reduce the carrying capacity of the planet, and once every ten thousand years or so—and we are overdue—trigger an ice age which severely reduces agricultural capacity.
Since the Young gods are not gaslit idiots like us and indeed commission the writing of the very news that we revere like oracles in our slack-jawed sloe-eyed multitudes, how would such evil entities of awesome intelligence use the Brovid Jiveteen Faxsheen for a higher good, rather than just increasing their economic holdings from 94% to 95%?
Remember, these morality wraiths who beam their all-seeing eye from atop their invisible and omniscient pyramid are far more intelligent than we think they are. We think that they have tried and fail to fix government to finally serve the people as it was designed.
However, unlike us, they know that government was only ever designed and only ever used to exploit and harm people, and they, our evil masters, use it accordingly. As we squat on our hairy haunches trying to figure out how to beat an assault rifle into a plowshare, they use the weapon according to its design while us morons insist that the weapon should be a farming implement because they told us so.
Every week I get a stat from a conservative about why gun control does not work, demonstrating that places with CCW permits have little violence compared to shitholes like Chicongo and Harm City. Gun control does work, as it is intended to spread maximum crime and violence and it does. The simple irrational belief that our masters are our servants and exist to serve us when we are their slaves, prevents all rational views of reality from taking hold.
So, if for a moment we could suspend our bizarre belief that government is our caretaker and look at why our government is pressuring us to be injected with something that it has refused to certify as safe and effective [through the FDA], and has indemnified the producers from being punished for potential damages, we will certainly conclude that the government serves not us, but the drug companies.
Why would the government serve us idiots when it could serve the companies that have the money to send politicians and government employees on vacation?
Now that we know that the drug companies are not only in charge of the government but have convinced our Aunt Karen, Mommy Queerest your Bitch on Wheels to beg for and shame others into begging for what can only be described as a competing class of experimental drugs, what can we make of that?
Well, the thing that experiments benefit from the most in terms of development is the scale of their test. The bigger the war the more weapons innovations emerge from that war. The more test subjects a clinical trial has the more powerful the data. Further, one Big Mama Farma company announced that their faxsheen will require annual boosters! This is not just a huge money grab—this is an opportunity for ongoing testing. If their goal was to get the most sales at the expense of the competition they would advertise a superior efficacy, not an inferior one. Their goal is obviously combining profit motive with testing.
If this was a large scale medical test, who would suffer the most?
Well, people who have unique immune systems calibrated to battle tropical diseases rather than agricultural diseases, who lack Neanderthal DNA, who are prone to blood compatibility issues with transfusions even when having the same blood type, who have higher instances of hypertension and diabetes and who have radically different kidney function. This would be people from Africa, particularly those with European DNA gumming up the works. Keep in mind, that most of these cures for what does not actually ail us, are not inoculations, but are genetic engineering injections used to alter and/or activate DNA to an immune response. We are told by anthropologists, sociologists and geneticists that Africans have a wider variety of genes than other humans. The geneticists stay quiet about the fact that most of these excess genes are “junk DNA” left over bi-products of the the human war against tropical disease like malaria, which result in such ailments as sickle cell anemia. The point is, those folks most likely to suffer harm in a 2 to 5 billion person global clinical trial of life extension drugs that might one day result in actual fleshly immortality for the master class, as I predicted in The Sunset Saga, will be African Americans and/or Africans.
Bruh, I think we got a racist drug up in here.
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Don Quotays     Jun 15, 2021

There a fact & fiction anthology titled Riding the Red Horse, edited by Tom Kratman.

One of the stories "seven kill tiger" has the Chicoms creating a killer bug to eradicate black Africans, so they can use the place unimpeded.

It's so selective, American blacks, who have Caucasian mixed in, are unaffected.
NC     Jun 15, 2021

Keep preaching it!

As for a racist drug= sure the human race. Pharaohs are not humans like us breeders&feeders. They are something more.
Bryce     Jun 22, 2021

Since I care about readers of this blog, this podcast documents all of the adverse events and why they're happening.

I called my 70 year-old doctor thinking I was imagining all of the problems with the νаϲсіոe based on my own research. Instead, he confirmed my fears. He thought the rate of adverse events was about 1%, or far, far higher than officially reported by the CDC but consistent with the Ρfіꮓеʀ trials. He said neither the ʍRΝА nor adenovirus νаϲсіոes were really "safe" unless you're in a high-risk category, in which case they're better than dying of the coof. He takes іνеrmеᴄtіո.

These should not be given to kids or anyone under the age of 50.
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