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Letter to the Breeders
Why the Homoscape of Organa and the Sunset Saga is Inevitable Under Infotech Tyranny
Some people who have read my future science-fiction setting placed in the 24th Century, have remarked, a decade ago, how improbable it was that homosexuals would hold most of the power in society. Recently, some readers have remarked how it seems more like 2140 than 2340, and I must agree. Socially things change much more quickly under technological advancement, especially in communications.
Recently, after church, a missionary back from overseas, who is battling human trafficking to the best of his ability, was wondering when the drive of the homosexual lobby would wane. Then, later that night, the wife of my host expressed concern as to how politics, education and medicine were being obviously taken over by homosexual interests.
I would like to point out, that homos have long referred to “normal” humans as “breeders.” We are the cattle that provide them with sustenance and reproduction.
Lesbian women reproduce metaphysically, as their own Virgin Mary, by adopting children and psychologically reconfiguring them.
Gay men reproduce ideologically by influencing disciples and seducing younger men. These men are hugely successful, as they do not suffer the financial drain in the prime of life that a breeder does. They want their immortality and must have it through ideological means, until that is, they gain the ability to construct clones, use donner sperm and eggs to design a child and eventually just genetically engineer their inheritor.
By 2050, if technology keeps pace, expect the elite to be banning breeders from reproducing and to be busy designing their own inheritors.
In such a setting, with a proliferation of flying, swimming, crawling and rolling drones, specific force projection will be required, but not in great human numbers. The following is the simple, logical destination of Postmodernity if [and it’s a big if] technology continues to advance, which I constructed in 2010 for the Sunset Saga, a setting but vague in my mind when I began the first novel in 2009. One aspect to consider, is that with the passing of the Agrarian and Industrial ages, vast populations which were once regarded as the health of the nation by its rulers, are now regarded as burdens best relieved.
From the broad, ragged base of the social pyramid to its all-seeing eye of illumination, this is what the future looks like in my understanding that what the elite wants is not a pyramid society, but an obelisk society:

-Breeders, feral humans in their teeming millions, a liability to be hunted, culled, controlled and sterilized, augmented with some form of information technology to facilitate control and reduce procreation.
-Organics, a small highly controlled group of controlled organic breeders reproducing under license to serve as a genetic reservoir and provide entertainment attractions and fetish prostitution and adoption options for the elite.
-Approved persons, having been conceived, incubated, birthed and indoctrinated by members of the corporate hierarchy. These will be augmented like the feral breeders in order to interface effectively with them as their handlers. These will also tend to be heterosexual, largely in order to help them interact with the breeders and also to make them vulnerable to manipulation.
-Managers, a bisexual female managerial class. Since they will need dedicated male protectors they should be attracted to men, and since they will need to be quietly manipulated, and in some cases assassinated, should be open to seduction by female handlers as well.
-Enforcement Pods, sets of twins, triplets, quadruplets, and quintuplets to be born and indoctrinated and to serve as brothers. These might be heterosexual or homosexual depending on their purpose. For instance, executive protection pods would be heterosexual so that they would have strong protective instincts concerning the female managerial class, but could be seduced by handlers, while assassination details used for culling and such would be bonded pods of homosexual brothers.
-Handlers, Pods of bi-sexual sisters used to manage and even liquidate Enforcement Pods, discipline and observe executives as companions—basically nuclear-powered Delilahs—real scary bitches.
-Cleaners, Pods of celibate homosexual brothers of superior physical type and genius IQ used to squash the Enforcement Goons or the Handler Bitches in case something goes wrong. The military, basically special ops soldiers each packing the firepower of an attack helicopter when fully kitted out.
-Ascendant elites attempting to upload, or replicate themselves in an attempt to become the only thing that can save an atheist from oblivion—godhood. I expect them to resist sexual stereotyping due to hypertrophied ego complexes.
This might all seem weird. But, in my estimation, if technology continues to advance, even if the economy is wrecked—and especially if it is wrecked—the elite will explore culling options to reduce our feral population even as they seek immortality. Those people most likely to put in the work to fulfill such agendas will be homosexuals, who must generally reproduce through social manipulation of younger minds. Such willful projection is a much more aggressive act than biological reproduction and is the sign of a rabidly willful, and even fanatic mind.
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Bryce SharperJun 22, 2021

Technology isn't advancing. The USSA's birthrates are at Chinese levels. Demographically, it's already too late to fix it. I'm always impressed by the elites' ability to keep their grift going longer than I expect, but like Genesis 19, all societies come to an end when they become decadent.
Matthew TarlintonJun 23, 2021

one of your best
guestJun 23, 2021

I think it will disappear as soon as they pin point the genetic source.

Imagine a future where heternormative treatment is mandatory in China.

But banned in California, which will be nothing but homos & Mexicans in 50 years.
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