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Military Emasculation
A Dialogue with two Fanatics: Imperialism versus Frackism and What is Real in Between
The two links below do come under the heading of Utopianism and the future. Before addressing why the Military has been attacking its own martial culture, reducing combat effectiveness of its members in favor of political indoctrination, consider the following. Military recruitment commercials are now targeting parents of potential military recruits in its Utopian commercials, in which the parent is advised by the child in dream to sacrifice their concern for the child's welfare as a military combatant for the greater good of humanity and the military's mission for universal goodness.
The Creep State is gearing up for a war. However, it is gearing down combat effectiveness, purging warrior types and gearing up political indoctrination, which indicates that the ultimate goal is suppression of domestic dissent. You don't need Navy SEALs to take out a First Amendment fanatic. The ideal force will be National Guard and regular shit-bag army, who will take some casualties and lend an air of justification to reprisals. Such reprisals will probably be conducted by elite units segregated by home region, with Texans kicking in doors in new York and New Yorkers kicking in doors in Alabama. There will also be foreign contractors. But with half of America hating the other half, I see no possibility of broad-based resistance among the military to slaughtering dissenting citizens. Note that these saving-the-world commercials were put into play right after the January 6 selfie uprising.
NCO reporting on the US military:
Rusty from Vignettes recently mused on audio about the pitfalls of Utopian pipe dreams:
I recently, on the same day, had a conversation with two pie-in-the-sky realists, young men from Should, talking to this old man from Is. Both talks concerned the military, and both of these men have spoken out against my contention that most modern American men are not natural born killers, both, having never killed anybody, believing themselves to be reliable combatants who would wrap themselves in their respective flags and battle the dehumanized enemy to the death, like a exterminator eradicating insects. These guys might be the killers they believe. Maybe they are psychos. I turned myself from a little boy who got beat up constantly into a psycho who tried to kill someone.
However, my life experience as a hood rat and coach and fighter has taught me that most modern American men will not even fight to defend themselves, and even fewer their honor. Of course, most ancient men were the same, most of them being slaves. A slave has a chance to disobey or die. If he does not die, you know what he is, a slave who kneeled and bent his neck. Most medieval men stood by while their daughters were carried off by the rich men on horses. Most Anglo-Irish nobles in the early 1700s stood by while bolder nobles abducted and raped their daughters.
Most Muricans call the police after giving up their shit instead of taking a bullet. I tried to close with the hoodrats with the guns and they backed off rather than shoot me. I will be shot before I hand over my wallet empty or not. Most American will not make that choice and if I do win that prize I will be hailed as an idiot for a good death.
Most civilized men have never been reliable combatants.
Nearly all of paleolithic men have been reliable combatants, permitting tribes of mere hundreds in New York, Florida and Mexico and Texas to hold off civilizations of millions for hundreds of years. When we say that ancients fielded armies filled with killers we fail to take note that for every hoplite or knight, there were 10 or 20 slaves—non-combatants. So no wonder, of the dozen WWII, Korea and Vietnam vets I talked to, most of them told me that most of their fellows were just terrified turds of humanity—because industrial armies make the slaves fight too. And half of these men were totally fucked in the head by their combat experience—three drank themselves to death.
Interestingly, the Normy Conservative fella does not believe that U.S. Troops will fire on U.S. Civilians, even though they swear to do so in their oath and have in 1861, in the 1920s and 1930s, 1960s and 1970s. Soldiers swear to defend the United States [which is a government body, not a people, not a race, not a religion] against all enemies “foreign and domestic.”
The other fellow, a radical third positionist, does not believe that dishonorable people can become effective combatants, and that the new SJW military will not be able to oppress a Murican Taliban. Well, with drones, and mini-guns, and machine guns and wire-guided missiles, any tranny can take down Leonidas and his 300 Spartans in about a minute.
Why would such highly intelligent men believe these fantasies that would lead one to support the jack-booted thug and the other to battle the unbeatable machine and justify the other man's support of a looming evil?
It is the power of myth building, of symbology on the mind, leading most Americans to look at the same gray menace and for half to see it as a white knight eternally vigilant and the other half to see it as a black dragon forever asleep, dualistically lending justification to government predation.
Look, the U.S. Military wants trannies, bitches, sissies and idiots who believe in their job to reshape the content of the American Mind, and then fuck up their mission and get butchered by a couple fanatics so that the Special Forces Mercs get called in to clean house. American identity has been under attack so that the American military can be turned into an army of occupation and succeed, and do so with roughly half to three-quarters public support.
Did you know, about the National Guard garrison in D.C.?
Of course you do.
Did you know that elements of three elite regular army combat divisions were also deployed in over-watch?
There wasn't one news report on it—but they were there.
I am personally glad that the U.S. Military is rapidly losing combat effectiveness, only because I am predicting that we lose a Nimitz class carrier against the Chinese and that this causes the other carriers—which are obsolete and only good for bullying small nations—to be redeployed as massive refugee platforms to bring 20,000 million Africans to the U.S. Between 2024 and 2038. Failing that, U.S. warships will be used in this role in response to adverse land and air actions over Africa in the post-Imperial scramble for Africa.
The only reason why I hold this sentiment is, I want to be able to say “I told you so” from beyond the grave and my grandchildren to be able to say, “Pap Jim wrote American Dreamboat and Ghost Snatcher. He predicted it all.”
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Spot on
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