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'Access to White People'
The Brick Mouse Discusses Civil Rights and Meaningful Human Rights with the Evil One dateline 6/2/21
Received May 18, 2021, 6:05 PM (15 days ago)
James, hear me out, please. I think that one thing that the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s achieved successfully, is that it established access to white people as a human right. On the face of it, integration of the minority into the majority amounts to nothing more than access to white people and their activities. To build on that, we should understand that across all races, on dating apps, whites are the preferred partners for every group of people. Could we not use this very real desire to be involved with white people to promote and incentive program—tax rebates for instance—for the birth of white children. After all, as civil rights—which are nothing more than access to white people and their institutions—spread across the world, humanity will come face-to-face with a dire scarcity of everybody's favorite companion.
James, what do you think?
This was as I remembered, except apparently black men and women actually discriminate against whites.
-The Brick Mouse

Sir, I think every negro should own a white person. Why, white people by definition have no identity, no pigment at all, no distinction except for privilege. I do believe that this is the standard working definition.
African Americans at least identify with a continent or origin, where Caucasian Americans simply insist that they are “White” when for any of them to place their hand next to a sheet of white paper or a bed sheet would render them pinkish or tan by comparison. Further, since all republican and democrat opinion shapers, pundits and politicians I have seen on a solid week of news coverage, living as I am in a house of news noise for the moment, agree that blacks should be held in special reverence, and since said folk are the only people in human history to have been enslaved, and since only whites ever held slaves, I hereby volunteer to be the unpaid companion, lackey, body guard of an Ebon Lord. In case of an Ebony Lady, I would also provide a certain comfort on demand, the caring caress of these ghostly hands.
It is the least I can do, after using H.G. Wells' time machine—I whooped dat nigga's ass and took it—and used it to travel back in time and rape hundreds of slave women in Plantation Maryland. This means that I would be employed as the man servant of one of my descendants, most likely, and would gladly provide effective resolutions for their many problems what bedevil them due to my vampiric legacy of oppression.
So much for the atonement for my anachronistic sins.
Now, for the rest of you easy living crackers.
Whites, in order to justify tax exemptions or kick backs for birthing white companions for the master class need to prove right off that they will not reverse such a ruling once they bring their numbers back up to super majority status.
Any African American man who can prove a slave legacy via the one-drop law of 1/16th African lineage, should have the following rights:
-As a Kang, he shall gain the right of primanuptial copulation with any white virgin before her dalliance with a lesser man.
-Any Kang of age 21 or more, may lay claim to the service of any cracker tweaker living in a blue tent or other junk heap, as his armed retainer, to so serve his lordship in the feudal future.
-Any Kang and his retainers may tax any Caucasian shop keeper, doctor, lawyer, politicians or CEO as he sees fit, so long as he remands the Quean's fifth to Oprah.
-A Kang who wishes his blunt lit, may demand this service of any cracker within sight, unless said cracker is the sworn servant of another Kang, in which case the Kang's may command their tweaker men to engage in a duel to settle the issue.
-Only Kangs may drive pickup trucks. This is such a serious affair that every cracker now owning such a vehicle is duty bound under One-Drop Civic Nationalism law to donate his pickup truck to a Kang.
-No white cracker woman may be permitted to drive an automobile and must give up such vehicles to a Quean upon the passage of the White Access Bill of Rights.
-All crackers of education must tutor orphan Kangs in academic doctrine and other slave-making arts, such as investment banking and playing collectible card games.
-For every cracker child hatched on the government dole by a cracker couple, a Kangly or Queanly orphan must be adopted into the family and shall inherit the services of his adoptive brother and sisters upon reaching majority.
-As insurance against the breeding of some evil cracker army, gun ownership shall be restricted to Civil Servants and People of Color, with crackers excluded from this right.
Sir, not only do I think the above contingencies are fair, and just, but I believe that most African Americans and all Liberal Guilt Americans, will agree to the above provisions.
Indeed, as I watch the News Max, Fox and One America News coverage, it is apparent that these most conservative republican Americans uphold our darker brothers and sisters as superior, and disagree with their liberal enemies only in who is responsible for kangly and queanly misfortune, for it is agreed that it could not be they, and only We, the Evil.
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