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'Walls Are Closing In'
Mask Land Musings with Crux Cross and the Crackpot: Dateline 6/14/21
mask update
Fri, Jun 4, 1:33 PM (10 days ago)
Just a few weeks ago I was opining to a friend that businesses here in manhattan might put up signs at their door saying either:
A: the faxxinated may enter without masks [and silent with regard to the duties, expectations they have of the unvaccinated], or
B: the faxxinated may enter without masks BUT the un faxxinated are required expected to wear masks [and implying that if you enter without a mask you are affirming or stating or something that you are faxxinated], or
I forgot one other option that I understand might be developing; the most severe, demoralizing option:
B.2: The faxxinated may enter without masks BUT the un faxxinated are required expected to wear masks, and Explicitly asserting/putting the onus or burden on the civilian/guest, e.g. “Persons who enter without a mask are affirming or stating that they are faxxinated.”
C: A generalized delegation of duties to government [which in turn has apparently delegated it’s legislative duties to a third party, possibly quasi-public-private] e.g. ‘We expect and encourage all guests to adhere to NYC and CDC guidelines. Stay Safe!’
There’s a famous essay by Solzhenitsyn where he asserted that one of the main lines of attack, one of the main points of tyranny, was not merely encouraging people to lie, but forcing them to lie. So as to demoralize them. ‘Live not by lies.’
So here in Scaredhatten I can imagine they various business/government services (of course similarly the targets of the demoralization campaigns) are going to essentially put us to our honor just walking around. To basically encourage people to compromise and cave in.
The walls are closing in.
Hope i see you on the other side of all this.
Cheers from Mordor,
Crux Cross

Mister Cross, in Baltimore there are billboards that are set up for bus patrons and pedestrians, not motorists. Due to their height, the five motorists who live in the neighborhood who I spoke to had not seen these billboards. I noted that every soul of African Ancestry was masking up outside, babies in carraiges with masks, and that three warriors walked out in the street around me rather than risk breathing my unfiltered devil breath.
One billboard had an Asia boy saying he wanted to be a doctor and asked the viewer to not kill the boy with their breath by coming out without a mask. The next billboard let the viewer know that the little nurse of color would not live to graduate from nursing school if we did not mask up. It is of interest that the unmasked motorists never saw these billboards in their own immediate neighborhood. Each sign is as large as a city bus.
Baltimore was still all masks at the time you wrote this to me 10 days or so ago. Valentino's, a large eat in place, only opened back up for carryout and dry-walled in their eating area and posted signs that they would never open up for dining in! This is of interest to me, in that Baltimore has proven to be a Creep State clinical trial zone, with everything happening there put into effect in other places in good time.
Out in Baltimore County, with mask mandates lifted, many companies and all small businesses owned by immigrants, demanded masks for entry. These places are essentially enforcing private laws.
There is a more deft situation is in Harford County, MD, where signs requiring masks for entry have been replaced with signs requesting with a "please" that customers social distance and mask up. This is a good way to establish masking and distancing as a measure of civility. I expect that mobs of the people who have been brainwashed by the media into mask compliance [already over 50%] beating up and or harassing and shaming non-maskers in such private places will accomplish a lot. Think about the fact that the only group of people who are currently supported by the media when they fight the cops, and who are the only people permitted to act out violently without claims that they are racially evil, have been 90% brainwashed into mask compliance. These will be defacto mask police, mask hunters seeking a non-compliant bounty.
Today, as I hassle with the poorly updated Amtrak disease checklist page, trying to validate my ticket, listening to the various threats on the audio message for noncompliance, included being stranded in the wilderness, I note that Amtrak says that their laws trump all state and local laws!
Modernity is fracturing into a civic feudalism.
I noted how, when I entered a Baltimore Police tryout location in a municipal athletic center, a month ago, that there were signs saying that I could go unmasked if "fully faxxinated." I had a pain of degradation in my chest when I looked into the nice lady's eyes and lied, "Of course I'm fully νаϲсіոated. Thanks for looking out for my health, miss."
By accident or design, this science hysteria is now going to train the 5% of us who actually seek the truth of life rather than follow the lies of science, to lie. This is a way of eroding trust, of reminding the very few truthful people in this nation of lies that even we lie. Forcing us to lie in order to survive the religious fanaticism of science cultists is the most certain form of social distancing.
There are some other notes I would like to ad to out litany of Lie Based Civics. I say this because I now have a belief—and I am a person who is not prone to belief. I believe that science is a lie, that science is phony and that it is a reason-based cult of blind hierarchy. Science is not real, not in my mind.
Professional sports have taken the lead in mask cultism. To me that is a game over situation, as 80% of American men are slaves to sports programing.
Here in Pittsburgh, realtor's are advertising "social distancing floor plans" for commercial real estate on their signage. That is ominous, that the most successful futurists among us are all in on social distancing, and willing to build it in stone.
Reduced empathy from lack of facial reading is a key aspect of mask cultism. On one hand, this separates the human mind slaves form each other more divisively. On the other hand, in maskland, a normal person, whose empathy is steadily eroded by lack of facial interaction, a person who is increasingly forced to lie, will find only one type of person to be an empathetic figure: the celbrity, who alone speaks to them unmasked as the unseen camera, lighting and sound crew keep their distance from behind their masks. Actors, news heads and politicians will gain increasing trust as our friends dwindle and strangers remain strange from behind the mask.
And finally, note that the single most popular form of movies is now superhero comic-book based movies, whose heroes live behind masks. The invention of the toxically gay superhero genre in the 1930s, just as the art of advertising was elevated to new heights, is paying great dividends as many faggots like wearing masks, cheap imitations of their paper-painted fantasy gods as they are. I saw two 25-year-old men masking outside as they pranced around with superhero fandom shirts on just this past Saturday.
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