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Matriarchy Notes from China
Michael Collins Writes the Crackpot from the Celestial Kingdom
[Crackpot comments are in brackets.]
This is a side note on Chinese society and women. So china is a complete matriarchical society. China reminds me of that saying by Aristotle, “What does it matter if women rule or if women rule the rulers, the outcome is the same.”
[I think that matriarchy, or the development of a maternal worldview within a mothering society, happens to all civilizations and eventually results in slutiarchy, the worship of whoredom. I am in Jersey, right now, and am listening to the great human interest story of the day, about a twitter media darling who is being courted by Hollywood as the next Hemingway. She is famous and a moral pillar of Modernity because she worked in a Hooters in Detroit, where her large breasts inspired a female customer to convince her to drive to Florida to dance in strip clubs. Her epic story is being touted as an American Odyssey. I mean what could go wrong about driving 1,200 miles with another dumb bitch to sell your ass to hip hop bikers? Submission is the chief value of maternal society. So passive status will continue to increase among the vaginal estate until it collapses.]
Women rule here. The men have to give over most if not all of their paycheck to the wife every month and she keeps it usually in a separate bank account. If she gets a job, that’s her money not “their” money. And usually she won’t use it for paying bills, though if she is a good woman she will use it to invest in something. Women rule the cottage industries here. If a man makes it big here, then he usually gives money for his wife or female relative to invest in something and manage it while he plays and fucks girls. The man still has to pay for everything and the women still complain that they are mistreated.
[I would posit that these and other women rule most men on behalf of the few men who hold the reigns of true power. If you make somethings rare, like women, it will gain more value. In this way, I think that masculine men in the Vaginal Corporate Future, will have high currency and the option of agency, while low-T drones will suffer as they should. After all, a husband is “house bound” has been enslaved with pussy and paternal obligation too generate tax revenue for his master.]
From what I gather men “hide” about 1/3 of their money from their wives. Rich men cheat a lot and have soft harems. Divorce is only allowed if both parties mutually agree. Which I actually agree with this law. Men have to buy a house and pay a dowery. Women are in such low supply high demand that even an ugly non-virgin woman in her 30’s can still get a husband and dowery.
[While Muslim men were known by U.S. Veterans of WWII to be brutal to their women, Chinese men were known to be cruel to their animals instead, arguing for a very old Civilization.]
Another interesting thing is that when I first came to china, I thought to myself wow most of the women are really ugly. Then I noticed that all the attractive women are sleeping during the day and working some type of “sex work” night job.
[Priestesses of money.]
One last thing I thought you might find interesting. Being publically intoxicated is not a crime in china. Walking with an open container in public, not a crime. 
[The puritan aspect of American society, that we make laws about what I can eat and drink, enforced by military goon squads, is a prelude to laws against what I can speak and think, which is where Chinese and American Corporations and their judicial arm—being the vestigial state—will come together in agreement.]
If you get a DUI, I heard you lose your license for life. Drug dealers get the death penalty. I personally am ok with this. Also owner of a company who sold toxic baby food which resulted in dead or retarded babies got the death penalty. Thats a lot different from our American MK-ultra projects where the government actively gives all sorts of toxic substances to its people. And i'm not positive on this but i think flouride is banned from being put in the water here. 
[Chinese civilization seems, from my shallow reading, to trust to the action of Civilization itself to soften the man's mind and render him into a willing, decadent slave. Look at what eating Chinese food and banging Chinese slave girls did to the Mongols in a mere three generations. This contrasts sharply with Western Civilization, which seems so impatient with the emasculating effects of domestication that aggressive mind control measures, from the Magna Carta, The Inquisition, the formation of the Jesuit Order, creation of the Church of England, vagarancy laws, creation of the Plantation System, Houses of Correction and Penitentiaries, down through all the political isms of false religion called ideology to the War on Drugs and the art of advertising and the hoodoo of psychiatry, demonstrates a rampant systemic thirst to extinguish the agency of the human mind.]
I am really excited about you doing podcasts with a pay wall. I plan on subscribing to the site once you post your first podcast on the site.
[I have promised the Myth 20 crew one more podcast at their convenience. If I can speak loud enough to be recorded. Lynn is working on finding some technology that will permit me to mumble-whisper through an occasional call to be placed on substack.]
Take care James,
Michael Collins.
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