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'Reading Between the Cheeks'
Manuel Wiseman Samuel Wants to Know what the Crackpot Knows about Buck Breaking
© 2021 James LaFond
Buck Breaking | Know Your Meme
Sun, Jun 20, 10:48 PM (12 hours ago)
to me
"James, you call yourself a historian? How come you have never written about the buck breaking? James, you pride yourself on reading between the lines of history. But you have obviously failed to read between the cheeks!"
-Manuel Wiseman Samuel
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Sir, I am ashamed that I have not found a single reference among the dozens of black slave narratives I have read for getting publically fucked in the ass by the master. I would have to say, that getting sodomized by the master would be a triple sin at the time, because it would also qualify as incest, since, the masters of such men as Fredrick Douglas and Moses Roper where their biological fathers. Maybe this is why no one talked or wrote about it.
Buck Breaking Then
To the best of my ability, I will recall the means of buck breaking used in the final 30 years of institutionally sanctioned slavery in America, which is the only span of time that historians care about. How did they keep their negro slaves in line?
I will recount these from least to most severe.
-Private beating by the master as a fellow black trustee looks on in the barn. This was tried by Freddie's daddy, and Freddie whooped his ass and that house negro's butt too!
-Public beating by a low status white man as the master looks on. The low status whites were given whiskey to do this.
-Assigning the slave's mother to harsh field duty until he behaves.
-Virginia fair play, by which a light-skinned negro or a kidnapped boy from Ohio who mistakenly claims to be white, is smoked over tobacco in a tobacco shed, burning his eyes and tanning his hide so he cannot pass for white.
-Public beating with whips of various kinds and especially paddles, by big black slaves [as depicted in one of the graphics on the meme article linked above, with a slave master looking on as a mixed race person whips the negro], intended to kill the buck. I read an account of this from Richmond set in 1857.
-Burning alive, which was done up through the late 1850s.
As far as rape, the three classes of people that slave masters used rape on the most were:
-English slave boys worked to death between 1617 and 1740s, when there was an extreme lack of female slaves of all races in English North America.
-Irish and German girls, who were raped by black bucks at the command of the white slave master, so as to breed a mixed race baby that could be held in his mother's condition by law, and whose birth would encourage the mother not to run away and to stay, once her term of enslavement was up.
-Black women, who were given as sex slaves to brothers and cousins to breed a smarter buck for house work and messenger service. William Wells Brown was the product of such a union. The fact that his mother was held as a slave by a cousin of his master, kept him from running away for years, as he feared she would be punished for his absence.
As usual, the historic reality is much more brutal than the infantile modern imagination can conjure in the depraved precincts of his echo-chamber soul.
Buck Breaking Now
Below are methods I have used in the past few years, of breaking the spirit of unruly bucks who were threatening me or others.
-Placing my hand on hickory cane—“Oh, excuse me sir!”
-Presenting umbrella as bayonet and rifle—“Sorry, wrong white man!”
-Looking the buck directly in the eyes with my one unpatched eye and saying, “Hey man, how ya' doing?” All three of these guys shivered and shook and backed into the street or lot away from me.
-Tipping my hat and saying, “Good morning, Sir,” resulting in slack jawed face of fright.
-Stopping in front of the large young man eyeing me for a mugging and putting my hands on my hips, sweeping the duster aside so that I can draw my knife, causing him to run int a Plaid Pantry for refuge from the risen soul of an ancient fiend...
-A month ago, as I dug an alley parking pad in Baltimore City, I waved to a great big stalking buck and gave a nod of respect as I held my pick-ax in the other hand...
-Oh yes, a few hours later, when walking to the Dollar Store for gatorade without my mask on, a large NBA-guard sized buck with two 80-pound pitbulls on a leash, standing on the sidewalk, blocking it, with his mask on, saw that I was coming, breathing death without a mask. He retreated in horror from my death-winged progress down the road of doom..
-My favorite, as a large boxer buck and I stepped out onto the dock of a store to have a bare knuckle fight, some 40 years ago, was to remind him to keep his apron on, since his green shirt with yellow stripes would surely be fouled by my prodigious bleeding, causing him to surrender.
Now, since I dearly like pussy, and particularly black girls, and I know that they like white dick because they figure it was less likely to have been in a man's ass than a dark dick, why would I want to publically sodomize any of my chattel while in Baltimore? I mean, I'm looking for breeders to conquer, even if their incubators are retired.
In the interest of perpetuating my reign of terror, and in light of the fact that I have lost my time machine and can no longer travel back to 1860 and rape one of Wade Hampton's bitches in the barn, it strikes me as a waste of time to dirty my aging member in Taweek Gnawsheed's posterior.
Please do note, that I am owning my crimes against black humanity.
I once owned a time machine. How I lost it could be the subject of another article.
I have raped nearly every American black woman of the early 1800s.
This means that I am almost every African American man's great grand daddy.
I deserve some respect and would like to have a million man march in my honor on Father's Day, 2022.
-James "Ancient Evil" LaFond, 6/21/21
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Chimp Sackless     Jul 12, 2021

Superlative - sir!
Bilbo Jangles Robinson Crusoe     Jul 12, 2021

Weren't there four original tribes, the 'Mon Backs, the Hodeedohs, the Gwine-ups and the Shinesuhs?
Don Quotays     Jul 12, 2021

Well played.
NC     Jul 13, 2021

Thawtcriminowitz     Jul 13, 2021

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