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To Join a Tribe
Satrap of Kulakistan Sounds the Cracked Pottery on Neo-Tribalism
© 2021 James LaFond
To join a tribe
Mon, Jun 28, 8:38 PM (3 days ago)
I find myself uncertain of my life's trajectory at this point. When I was young I wanted to be a soldier of some kind, perhaps as an Intelligence Officer rather than a grunt. I imagined that I would later go on to college and the majority of my later years would be spent curled up in a university somewhere, arguing the finer points of history with people who loved the subject as I did.
Then life happened, and I found out that the military didn't want me, higher education has gone insane, and the historian's job is not to argue, philosopher-like, the finer points of Henry VIII's reign and theological split from Rome, but to enforce an anti-human agenda that seeks to stifle thought, devour the young, and destroy or bugger every opposing theory of Mankind and what Life should be.
I want no part of this. Better to serve heav'n in one small corner of the world, than to reign in hell.
You know the kind of person I am. An intellectual, not a revolutionary. A nerd, not an outlaw. But sooner or later the Leviathan that America is slowly becoming will openly act, and God-Fearing Christians like me will find ourselves the kulaks in the name of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality (Not to mention trans-sexual rights, you BIGOT)
I am still relatively young. My obligations and debts are few, and within another year of two of this job they should be paid off and I will be putting away money. I have the opportunity to shape my life to be more resilient, and dedicated to preserving my freedom. But I can't live alone, nor do I want to. A hobo's life is not for me. I look at the Amish, and monastics of all stripes across the country, and imagine there is something to be learned there. But what?? How is one atomized man going to build a tribe around himself, to play the role of the Albanian, the Souix, the Forest Brothers? How will dissidents survive in the 21st century without going insane, betraying the faith, or becoming grease for the gay-transexual-america that is to come? I hardly know where to begin. So much of what america used to be has been lost. Who mourns now for the Shakers? Not to mention how things seem to get a bit scarier, a bit worse, a bit threatening, every day, and no-one in charge cares.
Rambling again. Preaching to the choir.
Hope you're doing well. God bless you and keep you, and stay alert.
-Satrap of Kulakistan

This is very well put. I have spent some time with various Christian families over the past few years and they can see the homosexual order closing in on them. This past year, twice I turned down offers to stay and live with Christians, simply because I am a hobo and at this point on this course, if I settled down in the Cascades or the Smokey Mountains, I would never see many people I have become close to.
I have also been offered heathen homes as well, even a young fellow who offered to rent me a whore twice a month. In terms of metaphysics I'm somewhere between that man and you, I suppose, all of us being nerds of a kind, reading being how we met online and in person. Personally, I hated what America used to be when I was a a young man because I knew it hated me. I was written out of the decent society that you seem to want to return. I even had a Christian attack my brother for listening to heavy metal music and almost did 20 years for how I handled that—the very act as it turned out that sent me into Baltimore City the a 18-months before that living as an unapologetic member of my race was effectively outlawed there.
So, while I understand in theory what you are going through, enough to feel some guilt for cheering on the fall of the great monster that you had hoped to inhabit as an honored aspect, I see hope if it is to your taste.
We stand at quite a precipice, I as a heathen and you as a Christian. The reason I think that you are in more dire straights is that atheism does not come from heathenism, it comes from only two sources, Judaism and Christianity. [There was a brief flirtation with atheism that came out of classical paganism about 2300 years ago.] So, on a spiritual level, you are the more afflicted because your faith is being colonized and the exact mechanisms employed by Increase and Cotton Mather, Calvin, Muntzer, Luther, Oliver Cromwell and Saint Ignatius, are now being used by those who worship themselves as an aspect of a rising God. Indeed, the very Christian universities founded in Northeastern America to homogenize modern civics as Christian Civilization scaled up, are now the fountains of anti-Christian opinion. It is more than that, these are post-Christian cannibalistic evolutions.
I do have some ideas for you which can be used by any person who does not insist on publically imposing their views upon others. Much of the virulence of the post-Christian Wytchfinder is his sure historical knowledge that he is to burn or be burned and that the stake awaits both the Christian and the atheist should they lose in this end time Deformation, just like Protestants and Catholics burned each other as well as they did heathens during the end of age Reformation out of which this nation was actually formed.
-1: Find a Christian woman and have children. This is an advantage that you have which the recently defunct White Nationalists do not have. For these men sought to create a woman that does not exist, a Non-Christian Post-Modern white woman who wants to have children. The only modern white women willing to have children in America are, future lesbos, crack whores and Christians. There is also the fact that many Christian Latinas and Asians want to have your babies and be your wife. Indeed, if I were young, I would be with a Christian woman, probably a Latina. At least you did not fall for the Civic Nationalist or White Nationalist homo hucksters who tricked much of your generation into sterility in the service of an already defunct ideology.
-2: Tribes have ever been made. Where they do not exist men find a means to make them. The Globohomo Mega-Tribe is one example. in the 500s B.C. there was a Libyan colony come from Thera and other Greek places that was ruled by a king. When the king met with misfortune, he sent to the Delphic Oracle to inquire as to what kind of government should be instituted to find favor with God. The Pythianess recommended a Melian named Demonax [I think, this is from memory] as an advisor. The first thing he did was form tribes among the men of various places, ordering them according to the closeness of their traditions, Dorians with Dorians, etc. Form associations and maybe some of these will form the basis for a tribe of the future.
Finally, the thing about your faith that has set it up for colonization is that it is doctrinaire. If I profess and prove to believe the same thing as the pastor of your church, and do all of the things required of a new member, I am in—even if I am a member of a biological human subdivision that is 40 times more likely to commit violence against my fellows than the existing body of the church. The very universalism of Christianity has laid it open to colonization. Virtually every church over the last year has adopted medical isolationism and rainbow masking as its real religion—the medicine of the media-infotech-pharma complex. Those few churches I know of who have resisted this, continue to report their membership to the government, rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's and invite liberal maskers into their congregation as a collective Quisling.
To survive as a body, Christians will have to become again like Oliver Cromwell or like the more ancient congregations of the catacombs. I suppose both of these courses will be taken. But holding up the very documents that were used to subvert the faith as its shield, will pay woeful dividends.
Good fortune to you and thank you for your well wishes.
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Johnny Rico     Jul 8, 2021

One of your best responses, James. The young man looks at the future and doesn't know what to think. Where is his tribe? Does one even exist? A lot of people think about this.

Once upon a time you were born into a tribe. Now we're told they don't exist and, if they do, tribes are a block to progress. But some people think they're coming back. Maybe. If they do, it won't be like the ones we've seen before.

A lot of us feel atomized and unsure of our place in the world. Sure, you can join any number of groups and call it a "tribe". But real tribes don't kick out their members when the economy burps. Real tribes work for the benefit of the tribe and keep the funds within the tribe. They make sure values are passed down to future generations, if they are successful. Real tribes know they have to keep their numbers high. You can do that by recruitment, but the better way is to have children.

I think you did right by recommending he find a good Christian woman and have kids. But what then? How will he support his family without the benefit of a tribe or extended family? Churches might serve as tribes, but not if they continue to slide downward in membership. Megachurches are too big to be effective tribes.

I think this is a good topic to discuss in the future.
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