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'Mister Jim?'
Sensei Steve asks the Crackpot the WQ?: 7/7/2021
I stood between two uglinesses, the hideous late 19th Century Guilded Age Pennsylvania Train Station between Light and Charles Street, and the towering, plastic, sculpture of some four-legged humanoid with a breast, embedded with a radar dish. Beneath my feet on the sidewalk rumbled the trains in the concrete cavern as two empty MTA police cars were parked on the other side of the decorative trees. Before these trees was a sign, on a pole, that declared “Bikes chained to poles will have their chains cut.”
It does not say who will do this, criminals uniformed in blue or hooded in grey. A black girl was crying her eyes out a few paces off. Two Nigerian cabbies were bantering back and forth in pleasant tones. A big burly brown man in a white shirt and hat argued with someone on his phone as he walked by. Against the building behind me leaned a dapper, man, about 60, with almost black skin, wearing a blue suit and pink fedora, and carrying a professional photography kit. The temp and humidity were both close to 100.
Sensei Steve rolled in to pick me up, and on the way out of town, as he decried what our home town has become, he asked:
“Mister Jim, since you have traveled and lived in many places, I would like to ask you, to answer without prejudice. What is different about living somewhere without blacks, with no significant black population?”
I answered quickly, “No cops, no police and their bullshit and their rackets. What it really means, is a feeling of freedom, not seeing a paramilitary goon everywhere you go. If you see a cop, he is either a state trooper running a speed trap or its a sheriff socializing with people, being polite, building community support. You know how in movies and TV the rural sheriff is always corrupt and running rackets like in Rambo. It's not like that. That is a bogus projection by Hollywood of the reality in police-occupied cities like Baltimore onto actual communities where there is essentially no crime.
“Other than people buying and selling drugs there is essentially no crime in un-melinated rural America—that is in the five states I spent time in. In Utah, Wyoming, etc., if some young men attack your or I, and we deck one of them, we're good. But if we do it here, we are evil, racist, nazi kung fu masters oppressing an aspiring physician who was on his way to the community college with his student loan application in his hand.”
Steve said, “Interesting angle. I didn't expect that. Anything else?”
“Sure, the tenor of your question, assuming that I dislike black folks because I left Baltimore, when I had three black girlfriends, a black roommate, and coach black men. That guilt by separation is felt keenly by rural and suburban and small town white folks across the country, from iron workers and hunters to utility employees, accounts and executives. Everywhere I go, where there are no black people, the white people there want black people to move in, want to have black friends, and want to be able to prove in that way that they are not guilty of the foremost crime against America—to not have a black neighbor. It's a real demand driven problem. There just aren't enough perfect neighbors to go around.”
“What, come on?” said Steve.
“Man,” says I, “I was pitching tomahawks with a family of blonde viking Americans in the Rockies, the father handsome, the wife and mother beautiful, and both of their sons good looking and polite athletes with a lot of smarts. The 18-year-old showed me a picture of his girlfriend and I congratulated him. She was a wondrous slice of mystery meat. You could not tell what race this bright-eyed dark-haired beauty was mixed with, but she was part evil [I mean white]. The blonde mother then said—a woman still better looking at 40 than this 18-year-old cutie, 'Lucky for her her father was black. That's the only way you can get a good looking daughter, if you marry a black man.'”
“There is an example of the change in beauty standard imposed by national media on even the smallest corner of the country. And when you look at commercials or any sports or social media, you see that most of the focus is on black folks, which makes the rural white folks feel left out of society, like they committed a crime of denying opportunity to the only group of people ever to be wronged in human history by committing the dastardly deed of moving to a safe area.'
Steve, said, “Are they stupid?”
“No, they are smart. The higher their education level the more they think that you or they cannot be a guilt free person if you do not have black neighbors. The only man who expressed a dislike for blacks in those western states was a carpenter without a day of college under his belt. But even his wife would not let him name his black dog after the Nigerian fashion.”
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NCAug 2, 2021

+1 to the dice roll....and 6+1 is lucky #7
Jeremy BenthamAug 4, 2021

Spot on James. Yes, the fundamental reason American police have been ‘militarized’ and American cities are ‘war zones’ is black criminal behavior. Statistically 54% of the murders in the USA are committed by black men 17-49 years old. That suggests that if there were no blacks living in the country at least 50% of the murders currently being perpetrated here would not happen. 33% of black males have a criminal record. The black people we see portrayed on television daily are all such pleasant and likeable people, aren’t they? People who mean you no harm. Would Bill Cosby in his TV persona, for example, strike you as the kind of person who would slip you a rufee so he could rape you? For that reason it is frequently difficult for white people who live in flyoverland and do not have daily contact with real urban blacks to believe that black people as a group are truly responsible for so much of the crime and violence plaguing this country. Though they are only 13% of the national population. As you say James the members of the white family in the Rockies you mention are not stupid, but they are naïve about the reality of race relations in America because of their isolation and because of a highly successful Leftist proganda campaign convincing them any fears they might have had are groundless and ‘racist’. They are ‘naïve prey’ much like the elk in Yellowstone when wolves were first reintroduced to the park. They didn’t realize how much danger they were in from the wolf packs until they found out the hard way.

There are two things that white Americans can do that would substantially curtail black criminal behavior. Number one is to STOP BUYING ILLEGAL DRUGS! The black gangsters who are shooting up our cities are fighting each other over the ability to sell dope to you, your children and grandchildren. Without the tons of cash they get from the dope trade the black gang-bangers will be a lot less dangerous and lot less able to buy influence in city government. They would likely be reduced to going back to rumbling with chains and knives. If American whites stopped buying dope the Hispanic drug cartels would disappear too. All the sicarios working for the cartels would have to get real jobs.

Number two is for whites to stop voting for the Democrat Party. The party that is enabling black criminality and working to dispossess whites for not voting Democrat consistently (They really want to punish whites for electing Trump, believe it!). It’s not the party of FDR or JFK anymore; it has been taken over by communists bent on ruling the country by themselves, not sharing power with the Republicans or anyone else. Ironically (or perhaps not) the Democrats were originally the party that supported, slavery, Jim Crow laws and the Klu Klux Klan. But now they have taken the side of minorities against the white working class they once supported. Nothing in our major cities will change for the better until the Dems hold on them is broken.

Sadly neither of those two things is likely to occur, so the USA is doomed to multicutral dissolution. The heritage American White people who founded and settled this country will have to fight for their place in the sun. Or end up a stateless people without a homeland to call their own, like the Kurds.

"No intelligent white man or woman, in his or her right, white mind, wants black boys and black girls marrying their white sons and daughters, and in return, introducing their grandchildren as half-brown, kinky-haired black people."

- Muhammad Ali
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