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History of the Future
Why Predicting the Future is so Easy
© 2021 James LaFond
A 400 pound cage fighter with an extensive, known history of rape and an adoration for petite athletic blondes, is placed in an isolation chamber with Scarlet Johansen, Jennifer Anniston, whoever you think the latest hot blonde actress is.
What are the chances that this bitch does not get raped?
Further, let us suppose, that both parties in the isolation experiment have been told by those who have placed them in it, that whatever the man's version of events he claims to be will be adjudged the truth, and if the woman disagrees, she will be imprisoned for purgery.
Well, this exact thing has happened often in American Legal Systems. It is how power works.
Every American war since the first one that won its independence was, and its history is, based on lies.
Some scumbag Americans wanted Canada from the scumbag British. There had been a long standing tradition of American authorities—including George Washington—sending white American naval slaves back to the British Admiralty after these men escaped from their bondage. This is all forgotten or covered up when the cause of the U.S. Attacking Britain is claimed to be that American Seamen were being enslaved by the Brits.
When Tennessee voted not to secede from the Union in 1861, the U.S. Invaded it any way.
False U.S. Flags include:
The Maine—accident by the U.S. Navy.
The Lusitania—set up.
Suckering the Japs into Pearl Harbor so we could attack the Natzees
Tonkin Resolution—set up.
Slain babies in Kuwait—bullshit, total fabricated lie.
911 was permitted to happen so that Afghanistan could be raided for opium and Lithium.
When the greatest meat-making beast in human history decided what it wants, it finds a way to get the approval of the staff in the home office with lies.
Since 1943, the U.S. Army Doctrine [as stated in the book released in that year for officers] was explicitly the spreading of democracy, even though this nation was not, and is not a democracy, but a republic. So, when every news reporter and many politicians use the term democracy to misrepresent the Republic, they are conducting a semantic conquest, making certain that the jargon is in place before the physical change is made.
Democracies are easier to destabilize than a republic. That is why Persian generals in 500 B.C. established democracies among conquered Greeks and why, exactly 2 years before the U.S. Inherited the British Empire, it established world democracy as a goal. Many a republican soldier of this republic has died to established democracies overseas, proud that he lives in a republic. To determine when the U.S. became targeted for conquest of some kind, by whoever makes these decisions, we need only find the first description of America as a “democracy,” used by either a sitting president, or a network news reporter from the old broadcast networks of NBC, CBS or ABC.
Suffice it to say, that today, most politicians and reporters use the term democracy to describe the country in which we live. This means that America is a target for globalist conquest by the same people that authorized the writing of the U.S. Army Infantry Officer's manual, the title of which slips my mind, but has “fight” in it, I think. This means that whoever assigns geopolitical missions for the U.S. Military has framed the U.S. As an enemy nation.
I do not care about The Republic one wit. It's founders were men who disarmed and held my ancestors slaves in Maryland for hundreds of years. The sacred documents are obscene in my view. The 14th Amendment explicitly did not end slavery, but continued it. America's history is a collection of lies, many of them bold-faced and contradicted by the narratives of the lies themselves. This means, that the only real way to write the history of the future is to do it the way the Creep State does it, by deciding what the objectives are and how they can be achieved.
Americans are rarely more than soul chattel and often less, being mere meat-puppets. In my acrid view we get what we get because we deserve it, for believing lies. That is justice.
My focus for writing the History of the Future, is a vary-stranded attempt to frame realistic and even probable future outcomes for the American Droneland. I am currently writing: Ditcher, Longshank Kane, Last Whiteman, a Wrong Time Ago and an untitled novel set in the near future, which I frame as the next 100 years. These Histories of the Future, are simple mental exercises to produce fictional settings that will hold up in the future.
Do not worry.
Your government is your servant.
The policeman is your friend.
The politician serves the government that serves you.
Taxation is not theft—you volunteered and signed that release in the delivery room while you screamed, “What kind of place is this!”
That is what government, what America promises, for you to be able to curl up inside of a vast, gaslit womb dedicated to your incubation—and the delivery room is the Future.
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Ruben     Aug 1, 2021

The Constitution took away rights of the people and gave them back to the Brit aristocrats. The Articles of Confederation took away the huge land grants given to these aristocrats to supposedly be given to the soldiers who fought the revo war. The Constitution made sure the rich kept their land...and still do.

The federal goobermint would not exist as it does today had Russia not helped it by blockading British ships from arming and aiding the south, their choice to win.

The power of western 'democracy'. The Brits invented the greatest tool ever to control the peasants and prevent revolution.

I think it's established beyond any doubt that the USA is over. It has been replaced by some freak show dreamed up on drugs by the Liberal Cult.

We now have the greatest income disparity in the history of the world. You have to go back to ancient Egypt to even get close.

Sure Biden is shit. That’s what happens in a system which elevates shit. That’s why his predecessor was shit, and why his replacement will be shit. Without that system Biden would just be some creepy asshole in an assisted living facility who all the caregivers try to avoid.

But also it’s never actually about Biden; it’s about a system wherein mass-scale human behavior is driven by profit, and where war, ecocide, exploitation and corruption happen to be profitable. As long as that’s the case it will just be endless assholes ruling our world until they get us all killed.
Pat     Aug 2, 2021

Regarding Reuben's comment above : I'm interested in your claim that Russia ''helped it by blockading British ships from arming and aiding the south, their choice to win''. Any suggested reading about this topic?

Best regards,

Ruben     Aug 2, 2021

Hi Pat,

I learned of Russia's help in college decades ago here in California where there was significant Russian presence in the 1800s so they teach it as part of Cal history. I live near the Russian River near a town called Sebastopol, just like the one in Crimea. I just scanned Amazon and didn't see much but here are a few web links. The Russian's really liked Lincoln for some reason.

Check the Cassius Marcellus Clay connection in the first link.

Ruben     Aug 2, 2021

On the morning of September 24, 1863, the citizens of the City of New York woke up to see something in the city's harbor that had never been seen there before. Anchored in the great harbor was a fleet of Imperial Russian war ships. America was at war. Not with Russia, but with itself. It was a dark period for the young nation. The Union of the North had just suffered a devastating, and demoralizing defeat at Chickamauga. The battle was the worst Union defeat in the entire war, and ranked second-highest in number of casualties after the Battle of Gettysburg. The increasing prospect of an ultimate Confederate victory in the war, and the real possibility of an imminent attack from Britain and France in support of the southern rebellion left America vulnerable, and without allies. President Lincoln and his young nation were alone, and surrounded by enemies. America had one friend...
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