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Musings on the Queer Future on My Last Day in Harm City: 7/30/21
“Vax efficacy is crashing. They have a balancing act to get more people to take it.”
-Lynn Lockhart

Dear Madam Editor, as I received this text last night I was sitting with Big Ron at the Shamrock and was treated to TV commercials for vaccines that featured the taking off of masks. Then came the Presidential announcement, with the Lich stalking to the podium with black mask on, then unmasking with staid ostentation. I do not know what was said.
But two follow-on local news stories had headlines stating that projections and promises for Baltimore Area school children to be able to return to a normal classroom environment unmasked, are being rescinded due to a vast increase in the Brovid Jiveteen death storm. I have yet to see the piles of bodies I was promised and remain disappointed. However, I think that the unspoken visuals of the Big Pharma vax commercials, all featuring the taking off of masks, are serving as a psychological subtext for the ongoing media gaslighting.
I have a friend who did not believe in the Holy Plague and got The Jab just so he could show his smart phone vaccination status at the doors of supermarkets and such. He said, “I just want my life back,” and was very agitated when I told him masks would be coming back. I intend to ship him a pack of masks as soon as Miss Ezz tells me that Maryland Supermarkets mask up again.
So, based on the above and other observations, I think that the Creep State is zeroing in on children, to sterilize an entire generation.

In other muses, as I pack for my outward journey from the Shittiest City in America, The Brick Mouse, my kind host these past few weeks, has announced that he is starting an insurance company:
Rainbow Security Default Swaps.
I gather from the young nimbus-brained Galacticonic dinner-table proposal, that this will be like insuring unstable mortgages so that the insurer can bill the goboment for the losses—like the bailout of the 9 Nazgul of Wall Street in 2009 by the Traitors [House, Senate and Administration] of the White City and rulers of Cuckmenistan.
However, this will not target housing of timber and stone, but rather the very meat-puppet home. The bodies of transsexual surgical experiments, owned by suicide-prone bat-shit-crazy people having their penises replaced with an open wound, will be insured. Then when these people off themselves at rates that will exceed mortgage defaults in 2008 Las Vegas, The Brick Mouse will cash in.
Please, support his venture. If he gets burned, I'll have company on the Hobo Road. But if he makes it big, I'll be writing by the pool of his mansion as one of the few American men still capable of knocking up the fertile women who remain to decorate the his patio furniture.
Harm City, fair thee fell,
Thy bottomless, woesome oil well!
In the past 30 days, 28 bodies have been dropped.
I expected better from July.
March was the top blunt force death month.
June took the prize for most knife killings.
We have 194 dead to date, with 60% of the season behind us, predictive of about 330 hits on the year. That will still be good enough for another Middleweight Crown, 7 years running.
For two years running May has been the most violent month, an accolade traditionally reserved for July. This seems to be lock-down related so look for it to continue.
The top four most violent precincts are:
all teeming satrapies of Bantuistan.
If one must come to Baltimore, might I suggest confining your safari experience to:
the besieged satrapies of Cuckmenistan.
Avoid the Central “Inner Harbor” district, for although it shows fewer murders than others, it is the fraction of the size of the supposedly more dangerous precincts.
The fifth most violent and median precinct is worthy of a tour by day as The Muricastino Conquista unfolds and the remaining Bantu clans are driven East-by-Northeast into Essex to provide Brian Jewell with more mugging literature.
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let the world fend for itself
your trojan whorse
by the wine dark sea

bSiriusAug 1, 2021

I personally know no one who has died from the virus. I knew people who have died of the experimental treatment. One I knew since I was a teen. Got his jab, came home and announced on Fartbook he'd taken the jab and "Look out world here I come". Died within 16 hours, on April Fool's Day. He was over 65.

Then there's the Nuremberg Code, written after the last guys to force experimental treatments on a populace, the Nazis, so now it's illegal to force experimental medical treatments on an uninformed public anywhere. So the 24/7 pandemic propaganda is illegal too. In the code it mentions intimidating.

Health & Human services, a division of the Federal gov't has the VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. According to them 11,140 so far have died from the vaccinations, the week before last 2,092 deaths from vaccinations were added versus 1,918 deaths from the virus. Countries with the highest vaccination rates are showing the most new Covid cases. They say the real numbers are much higher as the gov't doesn't record these events. They are voluntarily reported. This is a US gov't website.

For the third consecutive week, states with the highest number of coronavirus cases also had the highest vaccination rates, Karine Jean-Pierre, the deputy White House press secretary, said on Friday.

Both these are US goobermint websites.
Bryce SharperAug 1, 2021

Seasonal influenza is far deadlier for children than COVID 19, even the Delta variant which came from Hindustan. The reason Big Pharma are whipping us into vaccinating our children has to do with revenue. Westerners are high-margin customers whose governments will pay a lot for a vaccine. THird World governments can't afford the vaccines and neither can their supply chains maintain the deep freeze required for these mRNA vaccines. In order to maximize profits, Pfizer needs to maximize needles in Western arms. To convert this into annual revenue, there will be bi-annual boosters for variants coming from the Third World which will be deliberately let in with the cheap labor.

The other, more sinister side of this is that these vaccines have much higher adverse event rates/maimings than seasonal flu shots, so it's in Pfizer's interest to eliminate the unvaccinated control group.

If you are in a high-risk category, it makes sense to get the vaccine. Otherwise, it does not. Either way, we won't return to normal and must oppose mandatory vaccines and passports with all our might and the Lord's help. Pray.
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