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Becoming the Bully
Michael Collins and the Crackpot Discuss Punishing it Forward: 8/8/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Jul 31, 2021, 8:45 AM (8 days ago)
People have been following your story and have been sending positive feedback. 
Big Ron told me at the bar that he follows your story as well and thinks you got targeted for being on the small side.
Richard Barrett sent me an audio recording where he talked about your story being inspirational and said he now understands why you live in China.
Mescaline Franklyn went through the same exact shit in New York and after reading your Odyssey said, "Fuck this world—this country sucks."
Just wanted to let you know you helped some folks.
I will be offline until August 7 and hope you are doing well, Michael
Sat, Jul 31, 9:04 AM (8 days ago)
Thanks James. Please tell everyone I said thanks for the support. And also you really helped me with your comments. I really appreciate your humor.
As I reread my story with your comments, I want to say that I take full responsibility for not growing more as a fighter. I should not have relied  so much on coaches and I should have started researching techniques more with DVD's and training with friends and solo. 
Also, I have not always been the victim of bullying but  at times have been the bully myself, which I am deeply ashamed of. I don't want to come off as the innocent victim who has no guilt in this evil world. 
Take care James, and I hope your eyes get better soon because I miss your rusty talks!

Michael, after being bullied as an innocent and inoffensive victim from age 5 through 11, at 12, I became a bully for a few years,a whack-job psycho teen. Thanks to the fact that I ended up picking a fight with a 19-year-old man who was bigger and stronger than me when I was 15 [just for an offhand insult] I grew out of my bully phase.
As the ruled, we humans unfortunately pattern ourselves in part on the behavior of our rulers. No surer example of this can be found then the fact that current African Americans behave almost exactly like their Anglo-American slave masters of old, down to dress, petty acts of extreme violence, poor work ethic and their taste for iced tea.
You and I, at least, evolved out of our behaviorally misconstrued mind prison, while most abused humans remain nothing but the twisted metal crookedly cast in the malignant forge of Fate by its mindless and power-thirsty workman.
I will at least die knowing that I am no longer the asshole they turned me into, but the jerk I handcrafted in my own mind's eye. I hope God approves. But if he does not—He can go to Hell where Chronos awaits in chains.
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