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Uncle Sham Plays His Dark Flute
Global Oral and Injection Sodomy, Post Dated: 9/9/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Death camps Australia!
Disturbing video: Australian covid camp police threaten to "gas" covid prisoner instead of releasing him after 14 days
-Viking Age Barbarian

"Ρfіꮓеʀ pill [to boost weak vaxx] contains new patent form of іνеrmеᴄtіո which doctors and pharms are refusing patients right now. Vax is now an OSHA requirement for all employers >100. there really isn't anything stopping this."
-Lynn Lockhart

When a dying race raises a God, sees the ocean of plastic, the wells of poison, streets of trash, and savage gangbangers waving guns in the street, and says, "it is good," we deserve to have our own monstrous "public servant" turn upon us.
Since the medicines currently being forced upon all peoples by all governments, transferring more and more wealth into the Sublime Corporations, are still experimental, and yet law, i see two real reasons for the completely drugged world you will be living in as your read this two months and a weak from today:
-1. money
-2. Control Prestige
Once it has been established that over 95% of people will line up for mandatory injection then all evidence that harm was done, will be reclassified. If some people died of teenage heart attacks, those deaths will be reclassified as due to the dread disease. In any case, all government bodies and media ether temples will declare that the jaxxination harmed no one. If the politicians and news and commercials say so, it is so. Almost everyone you know will believe the lies, just like most of us believe that only one race of people was every held in bondage.
The media and medical establishments have already surpassed law enforcement and the military in Control Prestige. They have the ability to lie about everything and be believed. All established religions will follow suit, worshiping at the foot of the mask cult of Science. Just as the Persian Magi and Christian Priests bent the knee and became the scholars of Islam, so will preachers, reverends, ministers and pastors of today will bend the knee and serve Science, the religion of theory, the Faith of what is not real sculpted in twisted words to bring your morality to heel.
In terms of Control Prestige M&M has achieved God status, able to define or redefine cause of death, right and wrong. We are nothing but crippled crickets lurching to the tune played by Uncle Sham on his ebony flute.
The Lie has won. There is no challenging it. Only whispers and signs and symbols might survive.
Any person who leads a resistance to this is an agent of Uncle Sham.
I have decided that medical care is the greatest enemy of my mine and I will not submit to it. If I get shot, stabbed, get phnemonia again, I'll call my girl friends and say goodbye and then roll over and die.
More pills, and more injections, and more social controls will be the answer to every crisis of the future, real and manufactured.
One day, the special immunity booster will be mandated, once the infrastructure to do billions of simultaneous injections.
It might target people with certain genes to develop immune deficiency, by chance or design.
Might the genes responsible for independent thought be tweaked by one of the myriad boosters of the medicalized meat-puppet future?
Or, ideally, your immune system will be keyed to your social credit score and as soon as you fail to comply with a mandate, some means—such as regular booster shots—might be used to disable your immune system.
In the meantime, the New Titans, CEOs, presidents and such will receive life-extension therapy based on the findings of the great clinical trial whose lab rats are us. I do not buy for a minute that the most powerful people in the world have been publicly injected with the same stuff pumped into their slaves.
Then, where The System was once built by people, it will begin to build its own purpose-made people, superior designs to supersede our accidental and flawed nature.
Which God damned us?
He we forsook, or She we created?
In any case, our certain moral doom is richly deserved.
A Sardonic sense of humor is recommended for the navigation of the future.
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