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Primordial Tribes
Pulp Renaissance Podcast #3
Richard Barrett and James Lafond are back! After they got cut off last week, they picked it back up and reveal:
The Secret History of John Wayne and Rod Taylor…
How Michael Caine’s movie “Zulu” reveals the relationship between Indo-Europeans and Anatolian Farmers…
How Robert E. Howard’s “Kull the Conqueror” digs even deeper on this connection…
What HP Lovecraft knew about the Primordial Tribes of Europe…
The Connection between Biblical Cain, Grendel, and the Wild West Indian Wars…
How Wagner and “Apocalypses Now” reveal the truth about Neanderthal insurgencies in the Primordial World…
Secrets of Eagle Cult Women and Snake Cult Women…
And much, much more!
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ShepSep 20, 2021

In our family, Back to Bataan is John Wayne's greatest film, Pilgrim.
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