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Forced Labor and Slavery
A Footnote on Plantation America
© 2021 James LaFond
I know you don't follow the news but in the last week or so, 15k Haitians have been crossing the Rio Grande and staying under a bridge at the border in Texas. There is footage of horse mounted Border Patrol oppressing them. I wanted to refresh my memory on the Haitian Revolution and found this gem in the wiki page:
"The revolution was the only slave uprising that led to the founding of a state which was both free from slavery (though not from forced labour [4]), and ruled by non-whites and former captives.[5]"
Slavery.... Forced labor .... Potato Potahto. The semantic stylings of people who know better and know they have to cover it up! They just want you to have unlimited material for Plantation America.
-Lynn Lockhart

First, on the Haitian situation:
A month ago a friend who is Jamaican called me from Baltimore and told me that the Haitian president had been assassinated by a squad of Jamaicans. Funny thing was, all of these Jamaicans had American citizenship, which is not the normal Jamaican condition. Then, a month later a friend from Jersey sends me a photo of a Caucasian horseman collaring a Haitian invader. It sounds like some American agency wants them here, and another agency does not want them here.
How did these 15,000 Haitians swim to Mexico? What NGOs facilitated the massive boatlift to Mexico of four times the distance to Florida?
The Haitian slave revolt is grossly misunderstood in exactly the same details by pale and golden-skinned liberal academics and white nationalist publishers. The worst and most inaccurate discussion of the subject are by Kevin McDonald in his forward to a reprint of The French Revolution in Santo Domingo by Lothrop Stoddard and by the link you cited.
The only difference between Golden Skinned Globo-Homo Academic and White Nationalist understandings of the events that led to Haitian autonomy are that one side thinks it was a tragedy and the other side that it was the ascent of a collective deity.
I did record a hobo history video on this that will hopefully someday air.
Briefly, there was no Haitian slave revolt. What there was was a civil war that featured factions that included:
-French Revolutionaries
-French Royalists
-Dominican Royalists
-Mixed Nationality European agitators angling for profit
-Mulatto Reactionaries, lead by Candy who made cufflinks of eyeballs
-African Maroons
-Voodoo Cultists lead by the vampire Jennot, who said, "Taste the blood of the whites, it is so sweet!"
-Negro Slaves Rising during the Chaos
-Imperial French Post-Revolutionary troops under Le Clerc
-Negro Leader Toussaint who gave the whites their Negro slaves back in return for an accountant and a publicist
-Negro Realist Dessilanes who butchered negroes for LeClerc, and then when LeClerc shat himself to death decided to become King of Hell...
Suffice it to say that the complicated mess began as French whites fighting French whites with the support of their mixed race allies and negro property, and that other interests arose. The independence of Black Haiti was not the result of a successful slave revolt, but a case of slaves joining in a multifaceted Civil War, and the man that served the French as "the butcher of the negroes" Dessilanes was literally the last man with leadership skills and a uniform standing, along with his ally Christian, a giant Negro that would go mad building a fort dedicated to keeping the whites out of the nation he inherited from Dessilanes, working many of his fellows to death in the process.
Obviously, to the modern academic mind only people of African race are capable of being enslaved, and only people of European race are capable of enslaving them. Anything else, like the two million women and children who are abducted, sold, raped and murdered around the world each year, cannot be slavery, because it is mostly white-on-white crime.
What happened in the French colony that would become Haiti, was that 40,000 French and 30,000 Mulattos who owned between them 500,000 negroes, had a civil war based on politics, not race, and that eventually, after extensive slaughter, the surviving negroes saw a chance to take advantage of the power vacuum and rampage. Napolean sent 20,000 French to sort it out and they killed half the blacks and were in the process of getting negro-eating dogs from Cuba to kill very negro older than 12, when they were hit with a yellow fever epidemic and died.
Dessilanes, who had fought on numerous sides and was LeClerc's slaughter hound, knew that the French expat slave owners would raise American mercenaries if need be to get back their property. So he did what Tousaint did, invited back the whites if they'd run the country for him, even giving them back their slaves. Of course, those whites screwed Tousaint, and Dessalines was no fool. So when the whites returned he had every single one slaughtered in a single day and forbade the devil race to return.
So, on the Left the Lie says that black rose up against white and abolished slavery, when they did not. There was no race war until the very last act when some 7 warring parties had dashed themselves to ruin. In fact, any mixed race girl in Haiti was sold like so much wine to the highest bidder into the 1930s, and American elites still buy child sex slaves from Haiti today.
On the Right, the Lie agrees that it was a race war from the start, when it was absolutely not, and that all of the Mulattos were executed by the blacks, when they were not, but retained as female sex slaves and high government administrators.
Like any African nation, Haiti has never been a place of importance other than its effect on America. Up until the French Revolution played out so gruesomely in Haiti, African American slaves had been treated better—in the main—than European American slaves. But with the horrific and very pragmatic act of Dessilanes the Free Soil movement in the U.S., among working whites who had always known that the African slaves had been brought in to drive down wages and force them to migrate into hostile Indian territory, gained impetus on the Right.
Meanwhile, on the Left, extreme fear that a Haitian style slave rising might occur, encouraged extreme brutality in the South and the incitement of rebellion by agitators based in the North, among the moneyed class who wished to acquire southern lands via Civil War. The Haitian Civil War might have been the single most important cause of the American Civil War over a half century later. And, both wars had in common the fact that "good guys" did not fight on either side, but that both conflicts pitted evil against evil and hence cannot possibly be understood by the cartoon-inhabited American Mind.
No modern person can approach the wisdom of the ancients such as Xenophon and Thucydides, who understood that the only condition necessary for one to be a slave, was to have a master.
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