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'Not if, But When'
Volcanism and Supply Chain Backdate
Which volcanoes are erupting? - List & map of active volcanoes erupting at present / VolcanoDiscovery
9:10 AM (3 hours ago)

Did you know that two earthquakes rocked portions of Baltimore City this year? they were minor quakes to be sure. I was awaked by one such quake in 2012, I think, shaking the house like a wooden rag. The point is, many more regions have experienced earthquakes than we tend to be aware of as the time frame is so vast. The 1813 New Madrid Quake that lifted the Mighty Miss out of its river bed occurred three years before the Year Without a Summer. My thought here, is that during The Little Ice Age that framed Plantation America many volcanic events preceded bad harvests and temperature declines.
Today, Monday, September 27, Bob and I were wondering about the news of the volcanic eruption in LaPalma. The news focuses on the damage to local property. I was more interested in the fact that volcanism tends to increase during grand solar minimums for reasons i know not, and that this increased volcanic activity has historically had a negative effect on agriculture world wide.
As Alberta Canada lost 5 million acres of wheat in 2020 and the U.S. winter wheat crop was reduced, along with European grain exports, one does wonder what is on all of those freight trains that pass in the night at four times normal traffic?
While we were discussing this a friend living outside of and commuting in and out of Seattle, one of the 5 major American ports facing the Pacific, called and informed us that:
-Container ships have just been sitting in the port, not unloading,
-Where he normally passes a dozen semi-trucks hauling containers in and out of Seattle, both while he is entering and leaving the city for the day, he has, for the last three weeks of September seen either no such trucks or just one or two.
Who knows what this portends.
Yesterday there was an Amtrak wreck on the Empire Builder line in Montana, which i have taken a few times. This happened on a stretch of rail that had just been inspected the day before. Some video shows that track materials were still track side from recent work or prepositioned for future work. In light of the fact that Union Pacific offered my old worn-out ass a job in a field where I have zero experience or relative skills, i wonder if the 1.5 years of X4 freight traffic is taking a toll on the rails.
What is all of this stuff being shipped in those cars and containers?
I have seen some grain trains by day. But those who pass in the night are just great iron shadows thundering in the dark.
As there are less goods in retail outlets, where is this additional stuff going?
Maybe, by the time this article posts, some of us will have learned something of these matters.
Oh, yes: the world currently has 26 erupting volcanoes. What will all of that debris do?
One of these volcanoes is Etna, in Eastern Sicily, which the ancients regarded as the place where the hundred-headed titan Typhon was imprisoned by Zeus in his war against His Father Time.
Do the policy-crafting and logistical minions of Uncle Sham understand something that is being withheld from the mewing multitude?
Might the anomalous shipping, trucking and freight train traffic simply be a symptom of infrastructure decline resulting from the intentional crashing of the economy in 2020?
Might some or all of this have to do with currently reducing crop yields?
Might some of this activity or lack of activity, be a preparation for some expected event in the near future?
Time may tell. And when He does, will we be permitted to hear Him?

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