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Timely Emergence in the History of the Future: 11/4/21
It is Thursday. I promise on Friday I will go to the bar and post some timely content, since I schedule most of my writing two months out.
Just in from the Lockhart Newsfeed on the flip-phone:
“Headlines about global nitrogen fertilizer shortage. It's engineered scarcity.”
Yes, Milady. Bob told me about this two weeks ago. We basically use three kind of fertilizer:
-ash, outlawed because of global warming fantasies
-manure [broad-based attacks on animal farming, the source of manure, are ongoing and ramping up, with beef cheaper than ever from local ranchers, but store prices X4]
-a some-name-Bosch process, invented by some genius Kraut a hundred years or so ago by which natural gas is used to make fertilizer, which is basically nitrogen. [Natural gas is currently under attack as a fantasy enemy of the planet, which produces it, making Gaia one dumb bitch if she makes all these poisons like carbon, methane and nitrogen that are going to kill her pretty ass...]
The entire global warming industry is an attack on plant food, which is CO2. Now Those Who Rule are ramping up attacks on plant farming and animal farming and natural gas at the same time to cause an agricultural crash. The reason is that means are being developed to mass produce industrial food, made in factories.
The artificial scarcity bullshit should be expected in that we are three-years into an artificial disease scare, with no more people dead than on any other three years. The causes of human death [a natural and predictable occurrence] were condensed to only one cause in order to institute the type of social controls needed to enforce a drastic change in human diet away from plants and animals and into “plant-based” food which will actually be industrial nutrition.
Now, Bob told me that you cannot stockpile nitrogen, that it goes away. He gets his nitrogen into his thin mountain soil by rotating beans with other vegetables. The beans put nitrogen in the soil, as if some genius even smarter than that Kraut Bosch figured that shit out ages ago when he invented beans.
Bob has his pet hoodrat shovel horseshit, ash and grass clippings into his planting beds and lets the beans do the rest.
Below I will place whatever cool links Bob and Banjo and other deplorable natural food advocates have sent while I have been offline these few weeks. While in Portland I should be checking emails on Friday Noon, Pacific Koolaid Hair Time.

Kills on the Year
Heavyweight contenders in the house!
New York = 468
Philly = 473
-Mister Grey

Tweaker with sword and beefer with—what?
-Big T

The Near Future

Our Mushroom Hunting Haunts for Next Year
For next year's crop of elderberry?
Sent from my iPad

“The Shadow over Innsmouth”

Squid Game Shame
-Mescaline Franklin


How are you making out james to answer your question  odds of rolling threes sixes is 1 in 216 there is a gambling game we play here in shitty city called cee lo you can Google it its played with 3 dice take care big ron
-Big Ron

From VaxxZombie
Oregonian paleface warrior women
My favorite part is the cops are standing there like 'you want us to do something?'

War on Food from Bob
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