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Your Top 20 Books?
Yeti Waters Wants to Build a Crackpot Library: 11/14/21
“I’ve thought before that it would be cool to have all of your works here. Hey, make a list of the 20 James LaFond books you want first on the book shelf over here. I’ll start buying a few every week.”
-Yeti Waters
Big Man, I’m flattered. You work a lot and have access to lots of histories on Audible. When you have time to read you want to be entertained.
No self-help books.
No history books.
I’ll suggest some non fiction books and the rest fiction, with a prejudice for more recent books that are in hardback.
Non Fiction: Biographies
-0. Let the World Fend for Itself, Big Ron, you have
-1. One Soul Under God, Stoner Rob
-2. My Dad Had No Legs, Pasty Nordic
-3. Son of a Lesser God, Bob Johnson
-0. Who Writes the Songs of Night, omnibus science-fiction far future, you have
-4. The Jericho Bone, omnibus historical horror
-5. Yusef of the Dusk, swords and sorcery, sequel to The Jericho Bone
-6. Night City, Short fiction anthology
-7. Ire and Ice, historical horror
-8. A White Christmas, urban horror
-9. Retrogenesis, science-fiction mayhem about an audio-plague
-10. Road Killing, 2 novels, Fat Girl Dancing mayhem fiction and Planet Buzz Kill, most realistic alien invasion novel ever written
-11. Poet, urban weird tale
-12. Hurt Stoker, alternate history science-fiction
-13. Skulker Jones, urban horror, sequel to A Hoodrat Halloween, which is included in the Night City anthology
-14. Under an Iron Crown, fantasy, written in your garage when I had a high fever
-15. By Gas Light, urban horror, written at your dining room table while drinking booze
-16. Supplicant Song, far future science, written in your garage
-17. Flood, biographical novel, written at your dining room table
-18. Beyond Rainbow Bridge, near future science-fiction
-19. Menthol Rampage, urban adventure, probably the best paced story I ever wrote
-20. The Filthy Few, action-crime novel
Fiction that should be Out in 2022
-21. Haft, high fantasy set in a cucked-out Midal Urf where orks iz da good guys en what humans do unda day phony mountain—well, “dat shid ain’ right!”
-22. The Last Good Cop, urban adventure with a protagonist based on the cop that asked me to frisk him in your kitchen
-23. Ghost Snatcher, near future military science-fiction, with a swan song chapter starring our favorite confederate, Riley, (R.I.P.) who asked to die heroically in the novel
-24. American Dream Boat, near future science-fiction, written in your garage
-25. Last Whiteman, near future science-fiction, written as Robert E. Howard, I think the best fiction I have written
-26. Uprising, horror novel set in Cooke City Montana, with Bob and Shayne as characters, with me as a hitch-hiking negro named Punk City Coon
-27. Cube, science-fiction
-28. Beyond the Pale, fantasy
Oh, honorable mention: Buzz Bunny, urban weird tale, an hour read
Thanks for the interest.
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